The Bible, we use The Message version often

Twenty-Four Hours a Day, Hazelden Meditations

The Big Book, Bill Wilson/Aaron Cohen

Stretching Your Faith, Michelle Thielen

Living Sober, AA literature

12 Steps and 12 Traditions, Alcoholics Anonymous

Yoga and Eating Disorders, by Carolyn Costin & Joe Kelly

YogaFaith 12 Step and Recovery Christian Yoga Program

Registered YogaFaith 12-Step, YF12S
This program consists of two parts; Part One online/distantly, and Part Two consists of the hands-on training.

We dive into the nature of Addiction:

  • The brain – neuroscience and understanding the addictive process
  • The 12 Step Path based on the original 12 Steps of AA and bringing God front and center.
  • Yoga for All A’s: Chemical Addictions, Obsession, and Eating Disorders
  • Trauma and healing
  • How to hold space for those in recovery
  • How to lead a yoga class/12 step meeting
  • Receive 25 hours of continued education
  • Receive R-YF12R Certification
  • Online Only: 20 Non Contact Hours
  • Continued Education Credits Provided
    • Yoga Alliance, Christian Yoga Association and American Council of Exercise
  • Join Michelle Thielen, Online Begins 4.8.19, Immersion is May 3-5,2019
    • You may begin anytime with the Online Module.
    • The Module cost will be deducted from the immersion if you are attending.

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Upcoming 12 Step and Recovery

May 2019 Tacoma, WA

Specialty Training Modules and Courses are a great way to obtain continuing education credits and to focus on a specific area of study. Joining a course is easy,  you will travel with others on the same journey in your private group designed for community.

A Hands-On immersion is optional, as well as life changing! You will meet like-minded brothers and sisters from around the world. This is also where you gain contact hours, continued education credits and your Specialty Certification.

Specialty Trainings

YogaFaith 12 Step and Recovery Module