All Inclusive Leadership Training and Certification

Currently counted as 12 contact CEC/CEU Hours.


  • $199 Leadership Training
  • $250 for Sozo and Somatic Therapy Level I

Anyone can attend | Start Anytime, Go at Your Own Pace | May Leadership Training and Somatic Certification Separately. Don’t miss this incredible training!

Leadership Speakers:

  1. Keynote Speaker: Tim Hooper
  2. Shannon Henshaw, YF-A, R-YFMT
  3. Melanie Gardner, R-YFT
  4. Derek and Michelle Thielen, Founders

Sozo and Somatics Therapy Level I Presenters:

  1. Michelle Thielen
  2. Katie Henley, R-TSYF, YF-A
  3. Amy Kuscsik, YF-A, R-TSYF

Contact Information

Contact Person: YogaFaith
By email: [email protected]
Subject: [email protected]
By Phone: 888-359-2006

Additional Information:

Tim Hooper, Keynote Speaker and Author

Tim is the founder of Energy4Sales coaching platform, holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and Public Relations from Middle Tennessee State University, is a John Maxwell-certified coach and four-time author of the GotEnergy? series.

Tim is also a sales & leadership coach training teams throughout the real estate industry on topics like Energizing Your Sales, Rehumanizing Connection & Building Raving Shareholders. When Tim’s not traveling to speak, he’s spending time with his four kiddos and lovely wife Jennifer while pursuing his quest to run a marathon for charity in every state. He resides in Central Virginia.

Amy Kuscsik, YF-LT

YogaFaith Lead Trainer, YF-LT, holds certifications in Adaptive, Restorative, Trauma Sensitive, Meditation & Nidra.  She is a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Practitioner with a children’s counseling agency and also holds a private yoga practice. Amy has been part of a creative worship ministry, dance and somatic movement for over 15 years.

She looks forward to sharing the word of God through movement.

Katie Henley, YF-LT

In the spring of 2017, Katie’s life became affected by unexpected circumstances and trials. Katie dealt with life being turned upside down in the best way she could think- by getting upside down herself. She felt fighting to find balance and strength in handstands to be therapeutic for the balance and strength she was fighting for in her spiritual and daily life. As Katie continued to find love of arm balances, she ventured into the other asana families and began to see the need to cry out to Christ with her entire being.

As Katie continued in her yoga practice and sharing about her yoga journey and her spiritual journey online, she began to receive messages about yoga and about others walking through similar circumstances. Through talking with others, Katie felt that yoga could be a unique space where Christ, healing and community could come together. In her search for a faith-based teacher training, Katie came across Yoga Faith and completed her 200-hour certification in May of 2018. Katie has also completed her Trauma Sensitive Yoga Faith Certification, Adaptive Yoga Faith Certification, and YF Meditation & Nidra Certifications, RYF-T 200, RYT-200 R-TSYF, R-YFA, R-YFMN.

Derek Thielen, Marketing Director of YogaFaith

Derek is a true entrepreneur at heart and enjoys helping people reach their full potential. After Founding and turning Premier Window Coverings into a sales and marketing powerhouse, Derek owned and operated a multi unit massage franchise before joining YogaFaith in 2014. He currently holds the position of Marketing Director and obtained his Masters in Business from Portland State University in Oregon.

Shannon Henshaw, YF-A

Shannon is an advanced certified Equine Facilitated Learning Spiritual Coach and owner of Divine Horse Reflections. I am thrilled to have found YogaFaith as it mirrors my passion to equip and empower people to fulfill their God given purpose & destiny. Shannon’s heart’s desire is to heal, restore, deliver and make whole God’s people while deepening their relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Remembering the Divine “YOU” within.

Shannon currently holds transformational retreats in Eagle Rock, MO. Eagles Nest Sanctuary sits on 150 tranquil acres on Table Rock Lake. At Divine Horse Reflections and the practices of YogaFaith and her equine partners she offers a quiet and supportive environment that allows one to slow down, to focus within, to live in the present moment and to connect to the innate wisdom that horses have to offer
each of us through unconditional love the same as our Father. Shannon and her husband have recreated a life that better suits their soul and where their hearts can empower others to do the same. Shannon offer retreats, custom retreats, one-one-coaching, mentoring and wellness for a total well being package for a better life while deepening one’s relationship with the Trinity.

Melanie Gardner

Michelle Thielen, R-CYAMT

Called the Yoga Pastor, Michelle Thielen, R-CYAMT, is a speaker, author of Stretching Your Faith and traveling yogi who has been teaching somatic movement through dance and yoga for over 20 years. A student of Peter Levine’s Somatic Experience (SE), and Eric Walrabenstein’s therapy for psychological wounds, Michelle is passionate about helping the world heal from trauma to live a life of purpose.

As a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Trainer, Michelle has been instrumental in aiding with the restoration of those who suffer from trauma, intense anxiety or depression into healing and freedom. She travels around the world aiding in the rescue efforts of human traffick victims as well as raising awareness about the epidemic. She holds certifications with the American Council of Exercise, and founded the Christian Yoga Association in 2018, as a means to build a bridge between faith based yoga practitioners and educators.

  • All Leadership Training Materials and Sessions, Virtual Session begins at 9am – Lunch Hour – 3pm Conclude
  • All Sozo and Somatic Training Materials and Sessions (with the exception of required textbooks)
  • Leadership Certificate of Completion, Contact Hours and CEC’s
    • Certificate for Level 1 and 2 is downloadable, level 3 is complete Certification and mailed
  • Certified YF Sozo and Somatic Level I Certification, Contact hours and CEC’s, Session begins at 9am – Lunch Hour – 3pm Conclude
  • Live Webinar and YF Community and Leaders
  • Required Textbooks (only Sozo and Somatics requires textbooks)
  • Anyone wanting to hone their leadership skills and or receive continued education (Leadership and Somatic Therapy)
  • Yoga teachers
  • Therapists, Counselors and those seeking additional trauma training
  • Youth Counselors and Therapists
  • Those interested in teaching at risk populations
  • Addiction recovery volunteers seeking a Christ-centered program for teaching yoga and somatics to at-risk populations who are incarcerated or in recovery
  • Those who work with Trauma populations or special populations
  • Those seeking leadership or speaking engagements

4/18 Saturday Virtual Annual Leadership Summit:

  • 9am – 3pm Mountain Time, Breaks are Included
    9am-9:15am Welcome & Worship
    9:15am-11:15am Session with the Thielen’s
    11:20-12:15pm Shannon Henshaw
    12:15-12:45pm Break
    12:45pm-1:30pm Melanie Gardner
    1:30pm-2:30pm Keynote Speaker Tim Hooper
    2:30pm-3:00pm Michelle: Ambassador of the Year 2019-20, and Honoree

4/19 Sunday Sozo and Somatics Level 1 with Amy K, Katheryn H, and Michelle T:

  • 9-11am Session with Michelle
  • 11-12:15pm Session with Katie
  • 12:15-1:15 Q&A or Online Break
  • 1:15pm-3 Session with Amy

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