The 4 online modules are Part One of the 300/500 Hour Training.

Begin the online portion anytime going at your own pace. Each Module will take you approximately 50 hours each. Our Distant Program is a 300 hour Certification that you may add to an existing 200 hour or equivalent.  Program Hour Details

  1. Journey through material at your own pace (the group begins 4.1.2020)
  2. Webinars, Videos and Incredible Master Content are included in each module
  3. Includes a private Master Training community and mentorship
  4. Includes community with the global YogaFaith Trainer Group Family

2020 Dates: 

  1. Includes all the above
  2. 4/1/2020 Group begins
  3. Accountability Group Calls 5/1, 6/1, and 7/1
  4. 8/1 Michelle Thielen
  5. 9/1 Laura Burkhart
  6. Upon completion receive your Registered YogaFaith Master Certification at the 300/500 level, R-YFMT 500
  7. All YF Training Hours may be submitted to any organization that receives CEC’s/CEU’s.

300/500HR Trainings
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