Registered YogaFaith Master Trainer, 300/500 Hour Training

Prerequisite for this training is a 200 Hour Certification or similar. Our 300/500 Hour Master Teacher Training can be done distantly or combined with optional hands-on immersions.

YogaFaith’s Master program is unparalleled to any other program. We dive deeply into the redemption of biblical principles found in the yoga world. We focus on Therapeutics, Yoga Therapy, Leadership Training, Legacy Living and Discipleship, complete wholeness on every level.

2019 Dates: 

  1. Online Group: calls at 6pm PST on 4/1, 5/1, 6/3, 8/1, 9/2  online can begin anytime.
  2. Hands-on portion 2019 Week One; 7/19-25 | Week Two; 9/23-9/29 both in Atlanta, GA

2020 Dates:

  1. Part I; Online Module Group Begins 4/1, or anytime
  2. Part II; Seattle, WA Optional Hands-On, Tentative: July 17-23 (Week 1) / Sept. 18-24 (Week 2)
  3. Part III; Selected Elective Teacher Training (Week 3)


Distant Learning modules are part of any teacher training. These modules can be started at anytime as part of your teacher training.


YogaFaith 300 hour Master Teacher Training (500 hour total), includes an in depth, deep dive and exploration into the Creator’s heart and creations. Prepare for a breathtaking journey into many therapeutic practices that God has used to heal His people. Special Populations and Trauma Sensitive YogaFaith is explored deeper than our 200 hour program, as well as YF Prison Ministry, 12 Step and Recovery and more. Our 300 hour focuses on Therapeutics and is available to anyone who has had a previous training.

I walked away knowing how to redeem the things that people use for therapy to glorify God through techniques. He created all of it and I love that YogaFaith does not shy away from the complex subject matters and philosophies. One of my favorite parts about Masters, and I have many, is the YogaFaith Sutras, it’s the Sutras from a Christ lens. Every chapter of the Sutras redeemed with scripture and the Lord. It’s a WOW and life changing journey, my words do no justice! Catherine B., Tucson, AZ – YF Master Trainer and YF12SR

YogaFaith is proud to have a comprehensive and internationally accredited program through the Christian Yoga Association, the Yoga Alliance and is an approved Continued Education Provider through The American Council of Exercise.

  1. Completion of the online portion; Registered with YogaFaith at the 150 hour level. You may also register with the Christian Yoga Association as a Master Trainer, R-CYAMT.
  2. Completion of both the online and all hands-on portions, you will receive your YF Master Certification at the 300 level, becoming a Registered YogaFaith Master Trainer, R-YFMT 500.
  3. Completion of online, hands-on and an in-person elective (Parts 1-3), eligibility as a 500 RYT with Yoga Alliance.

To see our Program Hours in Details see HERE.

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2019 Masters

Atlanta 300/500 Hr 2019

2020 Masters

Seattle 300/500 Hr

Registration opens January 2020

How it Works

  1. Part I Online Modules:  Begin anytime and work through the 4 modules at your own pace.  Upon completion you will receive your Distant Registered YogaFaith Master Certification, R-YFMT. Eligible to Register with the Christian Yoga Association. 300 HR Modules

2. Hands on Immersion: 2 week long Master Training Sessions with YogaFaith’s Lead Trainers. Upon completion of Part I and II (Online Training + Immersion), you will receive your R-YFMT Certification at the 500 level.  Eligible to Register with the Christian Yoga Association at the Master level and Yoga Alliance with a Trauma Sensitive Specialty Training.

3. Trauma Sensitive Specialty Training Major:  Must complete 2 online modules, plus hands on immersion. Includes Trauma Sensitive as well as Meditation / Nidra Certificate.

Upon completion of I, II and III, you will be eligible to Register as a 500 RYT with the Yoga Alliance in addition to your R-YFMT 500.  Also able to register with The Christian Yoga Association  at the Master Level.

Where do I begin? God has set me free from so many lies and He has shown me such a beautiful vision for sharing healing and wellness with the nations!

Aleida Booker, Tacoma, WA,

I left the YogaFaith Immersion feeling that all my insecurities and lies truly lifted from me, I left them all at the foot of the cross!

Logan Spellman, R-YFT, RYT, Iowa,

YogaFaith. It was perfect for me and I couldn’t imagine taking my 200RYT at any other school.

Carrie M., R-YFT, RYT, Evanston, WY,

The YogaFaith training was one of the best experiences I have had in my life!

Cheryl H, R-YFT, RYT, Grand Lake, CO,
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