Photo by Michelle Thielen, YogaFaith

This weekend is an incredibly special Passover. God is a God of order, numbers, and signs. As we arrive one year later from the start of the pandemic, we can draw many parallels from our current global state to the state of the Israelites being oppressed under Pharoh’s rule. There are signs we need to pay attention to.

I believe that 2021 Passover is the END OF OUR PLAGUE and the BEGINNING OF AN OPEN HEAVEN!

What satan meant for evil with the pandemic, the lockdowns, the financial challenges and more; God is ready to use for your good. God is ready to reverse it by opening the windows of Heaven so that you receive multiple blessings into your life.

Look at the original Passover, Israel is under the rule of Pharaoh. There’s a plague that’s taking place. They’ve gone from very prosperous businesses to Pharaoh shutting everything down, turning them into slaves. Then for 200 years, Egypt began to steal their ways of worship. And GOD intervened.

God had told them to put blood on the doorways and He promised, “When I see the blood, I’ll make the enemy pass over you.” God did exactly what He said He would do. And think about this. It was when they brought that very first Passover offering that God, in turn, brought them out of the land of Egypt and they were miraculously set free from the bondage of Pharaoh and Egypt.

Now, every year since, the first Passover God has embedded this outpouring into this appointed time, where He releases:
Divine grace (undeserved mercy and favor)
Divine protection (Angel of Death passing over and God rebuking the division and devour)
Divine provision (transfer of wealth)

Your communion and union with Christ sets you up for DIVINE PROTECTION and DIVINE BLESSINGS during this PASSOVER. I believe on 3/27 and Palm Sunday {3/28} that God is going to do something MIRACULOUS. Something so mind boggling as our ‘plague’ and drought ends!

Will you receive this word? Would you remind yourself that what satan means for harm God is going to use and it’s going to be in His PERFECT time!

Don’t miss your appointed time and this incredibly special Passover weekend! The drought ends! The windows of Heaven open! On 3 occasions, God asks us to bring Him an offering: Passover, Pentecost, and the Feast of Tabernacles [Sukkot].

How? Where can you begin? The key is in Malachi. Read the entire chapter 3 of Malachi. God is telling us we must return to Him first. You, me, the whole world! We return to Him with tithes and offering. Wherever God has you planted in His house (your church), return to God with your tithe and an offering above that (your offering could be somewhere else, family in need, etc)….No one is to appear before me empty handed. Exodus 23:15
In Malachi God asks us to test Him at this. So, I encourage you to take Him at His word here!


On this special Passover, we congratulate the first alumni of Ancient Pathways and Spiritual Disciplines, a beautiful 6-month journey that began on Rosh Hashanah 2020 and concluded Passover 2021.

We honor and appreciate each one of you!