It’s been almost 20 years since Yoga Alliance was founded and their long and winding journey continues. Sprouted from humble beginnings, Yoga Alliance is now the largest international nonprofit association in the yoga community, serving a diverse community with the highest credentialing standards.

YogaFaith is honored and proud to have been registered 5 months after our inception in May of 2014.  Not only does our biblical foundation and being rooted in Christ set us apart, but our deeply comprehensive syllabus and curriculum developed by Masters and experts in their field separates us from any other training ground!  We offer a 200 hour and a 300/500 hour Program. Our programs can be started anywhere in the world at anytime with our Online Modules. Our 200 and 300 hour immersions are a beautiful and life changing time of, well, being fully immersed in Christ and one another (Be prepared to leave changed). You can read testimonies on our site here, or others on the Yoga Alliance Site. There is no training ground quite like YogaFaith’s.

We are much more than a yoga school. Yes, yes, yes-we dive deep into world class yoga, don’t worry there! YES we dive even deeper into the TRUTHS of God’s Word and what He has to say about whole worship and about your personal destiny-what you are to do on planet Earth while you are here. And of course, you leave with a very well deserved, very cool, piece a paper that certifies and qualifies you. However, we are also a global leadership academy that focuses on developing confidence in your God-given destiny and true, Kingdom building for God’s glory! We are a family here at YogaFaith and vow to keep doing life together on this side of Heaven! We think of you as eternal brothers and sisters that we just haven’t met yet.

If you are interested in joining our family, or perhaps attended a school that is not a Registered Yoga Alliance School, we will always have open arms just for you.

All are welcome here. Jesus was inclusive and taught us that we are called to love. We welcome you, your authentic self. The good, the bad, the ugly. You belong.


You can see a bit more here, 20 Reasons to Train with YogaFaith.

YogaFaith is also here to help you bridge the gap if you attended non-Yoga Alliance school at the time of your training. See below.

  1. Interested in becoming certified with YogaFaith? see our online Modules to get started, or our hands on immersions here.
  2. If you attended a non-yoga alliance school and would like to know options in becoming registered with the Yoga Alliance, email Derek at [email protected]

Questions we can help you answer:

  • I attended a school that was not registered with the yoga alliance? Do I have to start over?
  • Do my contact hours from a non yoga alliance school count towards a Yoga Alliance certification?
  • My certificate is not recognized at gyms and studios.
  • Do I need to be Yoga Alliance certified?