Benefits of Training with YogaFaith

  • A yoga follower takes part in a 'Yogatho
  • He Restores My Soul in the Valley


YogaFaith is a leadership school as much as it is a yoga school! Don’t take our word for it, see personal testimonies of great empowerment, healing and freedom from YogaFaith Trainings.

  1. We genuinely care, love and pour our souls into each student from their inception into this unique family and far beyond.
  2. We strive to see you succeed! We equip, empower and set you up for longevity and success on and off a yoga mat. We show you how to gain back your investment 100-fold as soon as you begin our program!
  3. We make post graduation easy for you to succeed. With our Ministry in a Box all the work is done. Harness the power of being under the umbrella of YogaFaith so that people looking for your classes and other services that you offer can find you! Pre-made templates allow business cards and everything you need for marketing a cinch.
  4. Become a RYT & R-YFT! Receive your R-YFT (Registered YogaFaith Trainer) Certificate, and register with the Yoga Alliance to become an International Registered Yoga Trainer, RYT able to instruct any style of yoga anywhere in the world.
  5. Student to Teacher Ratio unparalleled.
  6. We make everything easy including How to Get Started! Students begin instructing right away, before graduation!
  7. Learn many styles including Yin, Hatha, Bikram, Restorative, Power, Sculpt, Children’s, Vinyasa, Yin, and Leadership skills!
    • You will explore many styles of yoga and leave confident in teaching the most popular styles in the western world but also a very specialized niche in YogaFaith.
  8. Develop leadership skills, confidence and learn to live a life of purpose from an eternal perspective. Learn to how to leave a legacy.
    • The sooner you realize why you were born, the better off the world will be! We will help you develop your anointed gifts and talents!
  9. Participate and become an educator for future YogaFaith events, trainings, classes, retreats and mission trips.
    • Not only do we equip and empower you, we also open up many opportunities and platforms immediately to begin your leadership journey!
  10. Access to class outlines, playlists, and much more…forever.
    • We take all of the guesswork out! YogaFaith has created an systematized way for you to not reinvent the wheel. Creating outlines, playlists and themes takes a lot of time. We have done this for you! and of course we welcome your creativity as well!
  11. Write for YogaFaith Newsletter, blog or other publications in our network.
    • We want to serve you and everything you do outside of your YogaFaith ministry.
  12. Deepen your faith walk and relationship with God.
    • We cannot articulate how being a part of the YogaFaith family will help you grow in Christ and one another!
  13. Become more whole, mind, body, spirit, and soul.
    • You will indeed experience healing and wholeness at our training, but the most amazing thing is that you get to go and share this healing with the world!
  14. Meet lifelong friends, family, and a community of strong, faith-filled believers that support you!
    • When we say we DO life together…we DO LIFE TOGETHER! The enemy wants us isolated. That is not the Jesus way. The Jesus way is doing life together. The good, the bad and the ugly.
  15. Study the Bible and learn to redeem biblical principles for the glory of God! (Meditation, Chanting and many other yoga techniques were first found in the Bible)
    • In the beginning….God created it all. Many biblical principles have been taken into the world and made dark or used to worship false gods. YogaFaith wants to redeem them all! They were first found in the bible and belong to God’s children!
  16. Receive hours of training, scripture meditation, and  prayer with founder Michelle Thielen and a team of powerful, Christian brothers and sisters!
    • Our time together is truly indescribable.
  17. Our trainings, classes, workshops and specialty certifications include Continued Education Credits.  You choose your days and sessions that you would like the CEC’s to be obtained.
  18. Ambassador opportunities.
  19. Traveling opportunities.
  20. Host trainings anywhere in the world!