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If you are interested in training please contact us at [email protected].

United States classes by State


Clanton | Deborah is in training, look for classes soon!

Leeds | Hilary Weston, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Phenix City | Patrice is in training!


Fairbanks | Judith Grunau, R-YFT, RYT, [email protected]

Wasilla | Ruth Reister, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]


Chandler | Kimberly Reinman, R-YF12S, R-YFMD | | YogaFaith East Phoenix Facebook Page

Tucson |Carmela Farina | [email protected]

Tucson | Catherine Bounds, R-YFT, RYT, R-YFMT 500 , R-YF12S , R-YFBT BOLD Trainer and YF Meditation and Nidra Specialist| [email protected] | YogaFaith of Tucson Facebook, YogaFaith Master Trainer



Searcy | Marci Blackshear, R-TSYF | [email protected]

Searcy |Hannah Allen, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]


Searcy | Cheryl Weaver, R-YFT, RYT, R-TSYF  |  [email protected] | Nooma, Mind Body Experience Studio


Searcy | Lisa Fuller, R-YFBT BOLD Trainer | [email protected]


Alameda | Nicole is in Masters!

Camarillo | Abigail Sherwood, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected] | Breathe & Love Yoga Facebook Page

Gilroy, CA | Laura is in training!

Escondido | Elisa Tahmisian, R-YFMN | [email protected]

Escondido | Rita Gramme, R-YFMN | [email protected]

Eureka | Britta Knutsen | [email protected]

Fremont | Jessica Pattapu, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Fresno | Stephanie Reed, R-YFT, R-YFMN | [email protected]

Fountain Valley | Cheryle Browning, R-YFT, R-YFMN | [email protected]

Lakeside / La Mesa | Ebony iBumphus, R-YFT | [email protected]

Los Alamitos | Juliana Parker, R-YFMN | [email protected]

Murrieta | Dr. Estella Chavous, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Northridge | Donna Lynch, R-YFMN | [email protected]

Prunedale | Jenifer Hall, R-YFT | [email protected]

Redding | Marney Tyler, R-YFT | [email protected]

Roseville| Alicia Justus, R-YFY, RYT | [email protected]

San Diego | Michele Neumayer, R-YFMN | [email protected]

Santa Cruz | Karen is in training!

Saugus | Julie Walker, R-YFMN | [email protected]

yf-a-yogafaith-ambassador-logo-01San Diego | Fran Pritchard, R-YFT | [email protected]


San Francisco | Laurie Ann Bishop, R-TSYF | [email protected]




San Jose | Terri Mietz | [email protected]

Templeton | Gina just joined training! Look for classes in the near future!



Castle Rock | Sarah Snyder, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Colorado Springs | Rhonda Mills, R-YFT | [email protected]

Denver | Whanadi-Ann | R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Grand Lake: Cheryl Harrison | [email protected]

Montrose | Erin is in training!



Naugatuk | Debbie LePage, R-YFBT BOLD Trainer | [email protected]


YogaFaith is currently looking to train instructors in this state! If you are interested please contact [email protected].

District of Columbia, Wa, D.C.

Adrienne Shaw, R-YFT | [email protected]

Ursula Oliver, R-YFT |[email protected]


Bradenton | Mary Richardson | Woodland Fine Arts Academy | 9607 SR 70 East, Bradenton, FL 34202 | Facebook | Hours: Tuesday 10AM-11AM, Thursday 12PM-1PM

Bradenton | Whitney Kitchen, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Crestview | Christina LaPerle, R-YFT | [email protected]

Fort Lauderdale | Kendall  Hoeft, R-YFT | [email protected]

Largo | Sabrena Amaro, R-YFT, RYT, R-YFMN | [email protected]

Leesberg | Mandy Petty, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected] | The Spacious Life Facebook Page

Longwood | Samantha Solberg, R-YFT |[email protected]

Pampano Beach / Deerfield | Noel Canterbury, R-YFT and R-YF12S | [email protected]

Sarasota | Mary Richardson | Sarasota Contemporary Dance Academy | Facebook |  8437 Tuttle Ave #160, Sarasota FL 34243 | Wednesdays 9AM-10AM

Summerland  Key | Penny Reaves, R-YFT | [email protected]

Umatilla | Deborah Joswig, R-YF12S | [email protected]m




Vero Beach | Allison is in training!



Alpharetta | Nicole Finelli, R-YFT, RYT | | Class is at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church Rm 205 | Friday’s 9:45am-10:45a,

Atlanta | Toure, R-YFT, RYT |

Bogart | Sarah Beam, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Canton | Stephanie Fickle, R-YFT | Agape Yoga Atlanta[email protected]

yf-a-yogafaith-ambassador-logo-01Columbus | Meredith Phipps | R-YFT, RYT, R-TSYF | [email protected] | Still Hearts Yoga on Facebook



Columbus | Amy is in training!

Conyers | Heather Rothermel, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected] | Haven Fellowship Church 2240 Smyrna Rd SW Conyers, GA 30094

Dahlonega | Hollie Lytle, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected] | Imagery for Life Photography Website

Dallas | Erika Townsend, R-YFT |

Fortson | Amber Lefebre, R-YFT, RYT, R-YFBT BOLD Trainer |  [email protected]

Fayetteville | Charmaine Vazquez, R-YFT | [email protected]

Fayetteville | Lea Sorrells, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Fayetteville | Kit Elliott, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Freeport | Kristine graduates in May!

yf-a-yogafaith-ambassador-logo-01Hiawassee | Victoria Nolen, R-TSYF | [email protected]




Madison | YogaFaith of Madison | Melissa Martin | R-YFT, RYT | [email protected] | 678-428-3196 




Milton | Rachel Bine, R-YFT, RYT, R-YFBT BOLD Trainer | [email protected]

Snellville | Heather Rothermel, R-YFT, RYT, R-TSYF | [email protected]




Powder Springs | Toni Schafer, R-YFT | [email protected]

Watkinsville | Ivette Bledsoe, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]



Mililani | Nicole is in training!


Boise | Lynn Brown, R-YFT | [email protected]

Eagle | Taylor Stanley, R-YFT, R-YFMN | [email protected]

Nampa | Mitchell Smith, R-YFT | [email protected]


Albion | Betty is in training!

yf-a-yogafaith-ambassador-logo-01Chicago area| Jennifer Swets | R-YFT, RYT, YF-A |  [email protected]YogaFaith of Chicago Facebook Page | YogaFaithChicago Instagram




Dixon | Krystal Freise, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Elgin | Holly graduates  soon!

Glen Ellyn | Dawn is in training!

Gumee | Maria is in Master Training right now!

Joliet / Lockport | Bill Austin | R-YFT, RYT | [email protected] | Living Water Yoga | 630.254.8925 [also in Masters!]

Joilet | Jenifer Garlitz, R-YFT | [email protected]

La Grange | KellyAnne Thomas, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Macomb | Leann Stiles, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected] | YogaFaith with Leann on Facebook | Free Range Yoga Community Wellness Center 118 N. Lafayette

McHenry | Brenda Brushaber, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Vernon Hills | Emily Steedmand, R-YFT | [email protected]


YogaFaith Indy | Facebook Page

Batesville | Angelina/Nina DeMers, R-YFT | [email protected]

Fishers | Julie Emery | R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Fishers | Hope Matthews, R-YFT | [email protected]

Westfield | Kristin Mather Funderburg, R-YFT | [email protected]

Williamsport | Kim Hutson | R-YFT | [email protected]


Cedar Rapids | Lisa is in training!

Muscatine | Danielle Buhr | [email protected]

Spirit Lake | Logan Spellman, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Webster City | Laurie Johnson, R-YFT | [email protected]


Ellis | Alexandra Smith, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Topeka | Deanne Dinkle, R-YFT | [email protected]


Elizabethtown | She is currently undergoing YogaFaith training!

Flat Gap | Pamela just joined training!

Louisville | He is currently undergoing YogaFaith training!


Houma | Ashlynn Verrett | (985)226-1440, (985)223-9091 | [email protected] | YogaFaith with Ashlynn Facebook Page | Anelas Yoga & Wellness | 7720 Main Street Houma, Louisiana 70360

Fort Leonard Wood | Shannon Harsh | Breath of Life YogaFaith Facebook Page |[email protected]


Levant | Theresa is in training!


Bel Air | Susan Joslin, R-YFT, [email protected]

Elkridge | Mandy Kaewsowatan, R-YFT | [email protected]

Hyattsville | Karla Lawrence, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Sykesville | Lisa Takasaki, R-YFT |  [email protected]

Waldorf | Karen Garrett, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Waldorf | Wanda Przymus, R-YFT, R-YFMN | [email protected]

yf-a-yogafaith-ambassador-logo-01Westminster | David and Carrie Hoff, R-YFT, RYT 500 | [email protected]




Westminster | Christine Bueker, R-YFT, RYT |  [email protected]


Attleboro | Jaclyn just joined us! Look for classes soon!

Centerville |Tracey is in Master Training!


Ann Arbor, Francine MacBride, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Belding | Valerie Dawdy, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected] |

Commerce Township | Angela is in training!

Frankenmuth |Andrea Dykman, R-YFBT BOLD Trainer | [email protected]

Frankenmuth | Jennifer Krueger, R-YFBT BOLD Trainer |[email protected]

La Salle | Kris in training!

Midland | Susan is in training!

Milford | Rose Foster, R-YFT, RYT, YF-A | [email protected]

Mendon | Connie Leighton, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Plainwell | Abbie Hanson. R-YFT, RYT | [email protected] | River Bend Yoga Studio Website | Facebook Page

Sherwood | Mary Yoder, R-YFT |

Spring Lake | Cynthia Wilhelm, R-YFT, RYT |  [email protected] | YogaFaith with Cindy Facebook Page


Andover | Maria is in training!

Centerville | Jill Burton, R-YFT | [email protected]

Chanhassen | Joan is in Master Training!

White Bear Lake| Louise Stanton, RYT, R-YFT, YF-A, [email protected] | 651-354-0583 | [2nd Sundays of each month]


Amory | Rebecca Wanee, R-YFT | [email protected] |  Alive and Well Wellness Center

Gulfport | Jane just joined training, look for classes soon!

Hattiesburg | Serina Carpenter, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Kiln | Vanessa Chatelain, R-YFT, | [email protected]

Newton | Kathy Stephens, R-YFT | [email protected]


Gilman City | Mary is in training!

Harrisonville: Dana Raynard, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected] | Real Yoga with Dana Facebook Page

Sedalia | Jennifer is in training! Look for classes in the future!

St. Charles | She is currently undergoing YogaFaith training!

St. Louis | Lorilise Scarborough, R-YFT, RYT | Saturdays 9:30-10:30am | The Word at Shaw


YogaFaith is currently looking to train instructors in this state! If you are interested please contact [email protected].


North Platte | Jennifer Petit, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected] | Instagram @faithseekerfitness_jen

Seward | Sara Moll, R-YFT | [email protected]

Seward | Erika Rolf, R-YFT | [email protected]

Springfield | Angie Michales, R-YFT, RYT |  [email protected]

West Point | Patti Knobbe, R-YFT | [email protected]



North Las Vegas | Carina Anderson, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]


New Hampshire

She is currently undergoing YogaFaith training!

New Jersey

Tom’s River | Gina Taaffe, R-YFT, R-YFMN | [email protected]

Villas | Candice Tripp, R-YFT | [email protected]

New Mexico

Albuquerque | Katerine (Kate) Sears , R-YFT, RYT| [email protected]

Albuquerque | Suzanne Sersum, R-YFMT | [email protected] 

Cameron Benjamin, R-YFT, RYT | YogaFaith of New Mexico

New York

Gardiner | Liz is in Masters right now!

Montebello/Suffern | Rosy McCann, R-YFT, RYT, R-YFMN | [email protected]

Port Jefferson Station | Lauren graduates this fall!

Yonkers | Bernett graduates in June!

North Carolina

Benson |Anthony Johnson, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected] | Balanced Health Facebook Page

Chadbourn | Sandra Clemmons in training!

yf-a-yogafaith-ambassador-logo-01Fort Bragg | Meredith Phipps, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected] | Still Hearts Yoga Facebook Page



Raleigh | Lynne is training!

Richlands | Brittany

Whispering Pines | Lynda-Lea Goodall, R-YFT, RYT, R-TSYF | [email protected]



yf-a-yogafaith-ambassador-logo-01Wilmington | Elizabeth Williams, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

North Dakota

Grand Forks, | Amanda is in training!


yf-a-yogafaith-ambassador-logo-01Ashland | Jody Thomae, R-YFT, RYT , R-TSYF| [email protected] | YogaFaith with Jody Facebook Page | Jody [Author, Singer/Songwriter]



Athens | Paul Richard, R-YFT, RYT, YF-A | Em: | YogaFaith of Ohio Facebook Page

Canfield |Bethanie Meredith, R-TSYF | Email: [email protected] |Facebook: Yoga by Bethanie 

Cincinnati | Angelina (Nina)  DeMurs, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Enon | Danielle Gernert, R-YFT, [email protected]

Millersburg | Laura Barr, R-YFBT BOLD Trainer | [email protected]

Peninsula | Donna Long, R-YFT | [email protected], Hint of Happiness Wellness Studio Facebook Page


yf-a-yogafaith-ambassador-logo-01Perrysville | Amy Kuscsik, R-YFT, RYT, R-YFBT BOLD Trainer |[email protected] | YogaFaith with Amy Facebook Page




Sugarcreek | Amy Troyer, R-TSYF | [email protected] | Mind Body Spirit  YogaFaith with Amy FaceBook Page


Edmond | Stacey Young, R-YFT | [email protected]

Oklahoma City | Rebecca Mitchell, R-TSYF | [email protected]


Hood River | Ellen is about to graduate!

Portland | YogaFaith of Portland Facebook Page

Junction City | Eva Christensen, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Portland | Lori Hews, R-YFT, R-TSYF | [email protected]

Wilsonville | Atalaya is in Masters right now!


The Dalles | Alexa Boldt, R-YFT | [email protected]


Hanover | Christopher Barnes, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Hanover | Judy Dell, R-YFT | [email protected]

Hanover | Ellena Keriazes, R-YFT | [email protected]

Hanover | Brittany is in training!

Littlestown | Melissa is in training!!

Mechanicsburg | Beth Biery, R-TSYF | [email protected]

Philadelphia | Christe is in training!

Pittsburgh | Joan F, R-YFT

Red Lion | Karen Snyder, R-YFT | Spiritually Rooted Yoga

Shermans Dale | Christina is in training!

Wernersville | Susan Sarzynski, R-YFT | [email protected]

Rhode Island

YogaFaith is currently looking to train instructors in this state! If you are interested please contact [email protected].

South Carolina

Conway | Sharlene is in Master Training!

Dalzell | Christina graduates in May!

Murrells Inlet | Robin Joney, R-YF12S | [email protected]

Rock Hill | Logan graduates in June!

Simpsonville | Tracey Daniel, R-YFT, RYT |[email protected]  | Heart Soul and Mind Yoga Facebook Page| Instagram: Heart Soul Mind Yoga

South Dakota

Sioux Falls | Emma Knust, R-YFT | [email protected]

We are currently looking for more YogaFaith students in this area! Maybe it’s YOU?!


 Ashland City | Natalie Scholberg, R-TSYF | [email protected] [also in Master’s!]




Bristol | Sarah Jones, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

McMinville | Holly Sizemore, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Memphis | Krystal Grant-Crutchfield, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Nashville | Colleen Smallwood, R-YFT, R-TSYF | [email protected] [in Master Training!]



yf-a-yogafaith-ambassador-logo-01The Woodlands | Beth Parrish | [email protected]com |Peace and Light Yoga Facebook Page


Arlington | Kaeli Fowler, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Austin | Michaela Scroggins, R-YFT, [email protected]

Benbrook | He is currently undergoing YogaFaith training!

Georgetown | Erica White R-YFT, [email protected]

Georgetown | Erma Wedge, R-YFT | [email protected]

Longview | Caroline Sykes | [email protected]

Lindale | Cheryl Shipley, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Pattison | Jessica is in Master Training!

San Antonia | Janie Cook, R-YFT | [email protected]  | Alamo Heights United Methodist Church [Thursdays at 6pm]

San Antonio | Cashon Jackson, R-YFT | [email protected]

Temple | Kathryn is in training!

Vernon | Jennifer Ross, R-YFT | [email protected]


Salt Lake Area | Lindsey Ellers Gaghichean, R-YFT, RYT, YF-A , R-YFMT 500 hours| [email protected] | YogaFaith with Lindsey Facebook Page, YF Master Trainer

North Ogden | Gabriela is in Masters!

Ogden | Paige Williams, R-YFT , RYT, R-YFMN | [email protected]


YogaFaith is currently looking to train instructors in this state! If you are interested please contact [email protected].


Alexandria | Donna Reuss, R-YFT | [email protected]

Leesburg | Amy Marguello, R-TSYF | [email protected]

Montross | Langley Lewis, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Montclair | Nancy Hummer, R-YFT | [email protected]

Newport News | Melissa is in training!


Anacortes | Bernice Bell | [email protected]

Belfair | Angela McGraw, R-YFT | [email protected]

Carnation | Jenelle Mazzoncini, R-YFT | [email protected]

Cheney | Cindy Bourgoin, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Eatonville | Hope Henry | [email protected]

Ellensburg | Dixie Baugarten, R-YFT | [email protected]

Enumclaw | Chere Jewitt[email protected] | Yogafaith of Enumclaw | GracePoint / Enumclaw Community Church | 28121 SE 448th St, Enumclaw, WA 98022 | 3rd Saturday of each month 9AM-10AM

Graham/Orting | Heidi Maschhoff | R-YFT, RYT, R-TSYF | [email protected] | Dare to Breathe Yoga | YogaFaith Orting


Lakewood | Michelle Thielen | E-RYT 500 | YogaFaith Facebook | Instagram |

Lakewood | Kristi Roy | R-YFT, YF-A | YogaFaith with Kristi Roy Facebook Page

Lakewood | Elizabeth VanderGriend, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Longview | Michelle Mury, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Longview | Donae Fowler, R-YFMN | [email protected]

Lynnwood | Michelle Tornetta |[email protected]Breathe and Be Facebook Page

Malaga | Jessica Seabeck, R-YFT | [email protected]

Ocean Shores | Christa Rogers, R-YFT | [email protected]

Puyallup | Dana Ruch, R-YFT| [email protected] | Every other Saturday 9AM | YogaFaith with Dana; Whole Worship

Puyallup | Jim Muscatell, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected] | YogaFaith with Jim, Facebook Page

Puyallup | Christy Eatherly, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected] | YogaFaith Sunrise, Satuday’s 9am Rotating Trainers, including Heide, Hope, Jim, Michelle, Dana

Puyallup | Anne-Marie Leighton, R-YFT | [email protected]

Rochester | Cynthia Bergman, R-YFT | [email protected]

Selah | Lindsey Lombardi, R-TSYF | [email protected]



Shoreline | Michelle Tornetta |[email protected]Breathe and Be Facebook Page |Tuesdays 7:00 pm @ First Lutheran of Richmond Beach

YogaFaith Chair / Limited Mobility Tuesdays 5:30 – 6:30 pm | 1st Lutheran of Richmond Beach 18354 8th Ave NW Shoreline, WA 98177

Snohomish | Andrea Larson | R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

Tacoma | Julia is in training!

Yelm | Crystal Murray, R-YFMN | [email protected]

Yakima | Bo Wilkenson | R-YFT, RYT | [email protected] | 509-961-5613

Yakima | Julia Jackson, R-YFT | [email protected]

Yakima | Sarah Alexander, R-YFT, RYT, R-TSYF | [email protected]

West Virginia

Huntington | Nina Demers | [email protected]


Milwaukee | MaryAnn Sander, R-YFT | [email protected]

South Milwaukee | Tina is in training!


Evanston, Carrie Morash, R-YFT| [email protected]  | Thankful Hearts Yoga Website | Bearfoot Yoga and Paddle, 128 Yellow Creek Rd, Evanston, Wyoming

Evanston Region| Kathy Hudson, R-YFT, RYT, YF-A | [email protected] 

Evanston: John Michael Carter, R-YFT | Specializing in yoga for vets | In Loving Memory. We grieve your loss but celebrate your homecoming ~

Classes outside the United States


Nicole Taylor, R-YFT | [email protected]


Blind Bay, B.C. | Leona Stewart, R-YFT, RYT | [email protected]

B.C | Gwen Frankowski, R-YFT | [email protected]

Kelowna B.C. | Celeste Davidson, R-YFT, RYT, YF-A | [email protected] [also in Masters!]

Kelowna B.C. | Lori is in Masters!

Calgary Alberta | Lisa is in training!

Alberta | Barb Campbell, R-YFT | [email protected]

yf-a-yogafaith-ambassador-logo-01London Ontario | Monette Benjamin, R-YFT, RYT, YF-A | [email protected] Hosting July 2018 YogaFaith Yoga Alliance Teacher Training



London | Michelle Sweet-Boulay, R-FYT | [email protected]

Mitchell Ontario | Shelley Scott, R-YFT, RYT |  | YogaFaith with Shelley Facebook Page[email protected]

Southern Ontario | Jennifer Waslowski, R-YFT, RYT | Facebook | j[email protected]

Ontario | Sara Windsor, R-YFT, RYT | Yogi Therapy Facebook |

Oakville Ontairo | Louisa Orlando, R-YFT | [email protected]

Toronto | Joy Schwartz, R-YFT | [email protected]

Uxbridge Ontario | Cindy Smith, R-YFT | [email protected]

New Brunswick | Matthea Schumpelt, RYT, R-YFT | Yoga Magnificat[email protected]


New Zealand | Debbie is in training!


Contact Alexa Boldt, R-YFT, YF-A | [email protected] |  011 (504) 9483-7565 (MAiA Yoga in Tegucigalpa 3x a week) | Yoga with Alexa Facebook

Europe {see all Europe events HERE}

Copenhagen, Denmark | Rie Frilund Skårhøj, R-YFT, RYT, YF-A | [email protected]YogaFaith Denmark Facebook 


Copenhagen Visit YogaFaith.DK | YogaFaith Denmark Facebook 

Type: Yoga Faith flow (Pay as you like) Director: Elise Bang | [email protected] 

Thursday. 17 to 18.15 Tåstrup (Start d. 5/11) Type: Yoga Faith Intro (course of 4 Thursdays. 200 kr. In total) Director: Dorte Karpf |[email protected]  

Jordon | Ashley is in training!


Hilversum | In training!

Puerto Rico

Guaynabo: She is in training!


Katie Spellman. R-YFT, RYT | [email protected] 

Yoga Faith categories

To ensure that you are met with your physical and spiritual needs, we have made the following categories, for YogaFaith sessions.

  • YogaFaith Intro : For those who are new to yoga and Christian yoga will be introduced to Yoga Faith.
  • YogaFaith Meditation : Quiet yoga that uses a longer time in each position.
  • YogaFaith Flow : We transition quietly from position to position and finishes typical of deeper stretch.
  • YogaFaith Power : Like flow, but more challenging and focused on muscle strength, more advanced postures are explored.
  • YogaFaith Sculpt : Use of weights and typically a powerful playlist.
  • YogaFaith Yin : Designed to release deep tension. Postures are held 2-7 minutes, combined with the Lord expect to float out of class truly restored.
  • YogaFaith Hatha : Exploration of specific postures designed to connect you to Christ, realizing it’s His strength and endurance that works through us in times of weariness or the storms in life.  Strength, flexibility and stamina are focused on.
  • YogaFaith Children’s : A Christ centered yoga practice designed for children of all ages.
  • YogaFaith Level I : A Christ centered Vinyasa Flow (Vinyasa: Breath and Postures work together in movement).
  • YogaFaith Level II : A more vigorous challenge of postures and sequences, for the intermediate practitioner.
  • YogaFaith Restorative: A Christ centered restful practice using many props to assist you in each posture. Restorative Postures are designed to release tension deep within the body’s joint, ligaments and tension. Prepare to be fully restored and made whole through Christ!

A typical Yoga Faith session lasts 60- 9o minutes, includes prayer,  meditation, movement (worship to the Lord or Prayers in Motion as we like to call it) rest and stillness. Some classes include praise and worship music, soft instrumental or no music at all. Many classes include a cross to keep our intention always on Christ, and candles. Come prepared to worship with your whole self as the Bible declares repeatedly. Bring a mat, water and a surrendered heart. You will encounter a Living God who longs to spend time with you!

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