A coach can learn to know your values, strengths and weaknesses and help to keep you on track towards a healthier, productive and more fulfilled life.

What is coaching?

Business or life coaching is the facilitation of helping an individual move towards their life’s values, mission and goals.

We all have the best of intentions but why is it that so many people have a hard time moving from knowing what they need to do to actually taking the action steps they need to do to move their life forward towards a positive desired outcome.

The truth is from the time we are a baby our software or operating code, or belief systems is being hardwired based on our earliest experiences in life. Those experiences as we develop begin to be hardwired and help to form our personality, identity and the way we perceive the world around us.

If those experiences are healthy, nurturing and loving we have a greater ability to adjust to our environment around us and to form healthy belief systems early on in life. If those experiences aren’t positive the opposite is true.

Experts predict that up to 95% of our success in life has to do with subconscious programs and belief systems, and only 5% are conscious. What this means is our progress or success in life is heavily determined not by what we know, but by the subconscious programs that have been hardwired and are running in the background.

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barbMeet Your Coach, Barb Campbell RYT 200, 2016 Yoga Faith Graduate

Barb’s passion for mentoring and coaching has grown substantially over the past decade. Growing up, Barb was continually encouraged to listen to others, love others and encourage others to be their best version of themselves.

Addictions, poor choices, and emotional exhaustion eventually pointed Barb back to those early childhood lessons and opened her heart to truly understand her Christian Faith and the responsibilities that come along with being a Christ Follower. Recognizing that life is to be lived and to be lived well and that God had a plan and a purpose for not only her life, but everyone’s life!

In addition to being a life coach, Barbs career as a registered nurse paired with her own journey through addiction and healing has provided a strong foundation of understanding and empathy.

Barb’s mission is to get individuals excited about their potential and to get on track with seeing that potential become reality. Barb will help you propel your life forward into your God given destiny with confidence guidance and encouragement.

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How can hiring a coach help?

In its simplest terms a coach is your accountability partner there to help you move your life forward in the most positive and constructive way. A coach can help you determine your vision, plan, walk you through the process and provide accountability along the way.

Almost every professional athlete has a coach. Now why would somebody at the top of their game and at the highest and most elite levels have a coach? Because we all know that there is potential deep down within us that is untapped. Its that untapped potential that a coach can help to draw out of us so we can life our best life.

Here are some signs that coaching could really help:

  1. I feel stuck often and am not happy with the patterns in my life
  2. I have dreams inside of me but can never seem to take the first step
  3. I live or sense financial lack in my life
  4. I feel like I am playing too small and am capable of so much more
  5. I spend to much time on social media
  6. I tend to self-sabotage healthy relationships in my life
  7. My core relationships aren’t healthy, and I desire to change
  8. I need help managing my time more efficiently