Creating Space Challenge

Creating Space is a 31 day Declutter of the Home, Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul Challenge!

You wouldn’t be here right now if you were not interested in creating space for God to do some NEW THINGS! God is about to do something new and you don’t want to miss it as Isaiah says!

Would you join us in a vital Creating Space Challenge, each day of August we will be sharing the declutter challenge of the day. If you would like to join us on social media platforms, we will be choosing one winner who creates space with us. Simply tag a minimum of 3 friends a day using  all 4 tags #yogafaithcreatespace #declutter #yogafaith #createspace. [that’s it!]

On September we will announce the winner. The winner can choose their prize!

  1. Lead Like Jesus full training [required for Ambassadorship]
  2. $100 towards our Online training or an immersion of their choice!
  3. Any tank
  4. 4) Signed and numbered Stretching Your Faith Limited Edition Hardback Cover of Stretching Your Faith (only 20 left!).
It’s feels so incredible to lighten up.
We always say, “travel light you will get there faster!”
What can we bless others with that we are no longer using?
Where can we create MORE space?
In our spirit to hear God. In our home to breathe easier.
In our relationships to enjoy more.
In our souls to obtain peace.
In our body to live an abundant life.
Let’s journey together in creating space on ALL levels!

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Each day we will have the day’s challenge or area. Feel free to share our post or your own.








Week One

Day 1 | A BookShelf
Day 2 | Heart & Soul
Day 3 | Night Stand
Day 4 | Purse | Wallet
Day 5| Everyone's Shoes
Day 6| Largest Dresser
Day 7| Fridge & Freezer

Week Two

Day 8| Coat Closet
Day 9| Car Trunk
Day 10| Half of Kitchen
Day 11| The Other Half of Kitchen
Day 12|A Desk
Day 13|A Vanity
Day 14|Fear

Week Three

Day 15|Linen & Laundry
Day 16|Mugs
Day 17| Junk Drawer
Day 18| Medicine Cabinet
Day 19| Spice Cabinet
Day 20 | To Do List
Day 21 | Half of Garage or another outdoor space
Day 22 | The Other Half of Garage or another outdoor space
Day 23 | The Computer

Week Four

Day 24| Keychain
Day 25| A Quiet Space
Day 26| Jewelry Box
Day 27| Jewelry Box
Day 28| A Flat Surface
Day 29| Toxic People
Day 30| Games
Day 31| The Weight