200 Hour Curriculum

Because of the numerous varieties of ways to read, YogaFaith does not provide required textbooks. These books are required to go through the modules as well as attend a 200 Hour teacher training.

Upon completion of our 200 Hour Program, you will receive certifications: R-YFT, RYTr-ryt 200_LOGORYT

Required Textbook:

The Bible                                 Stretching Your Faith, Michelle Thielen         The 21 Most Powerful Minutes in a Leader’s Day, John C. Maxwell

bible                                   STRETCHING YOUR FAITH COVER                                                 0785289275__41043_zoom

Trail Guide to the Body + Workbook, 5th Edition


Stretching Your Faith Hardback  |  Stretching Your Faith Paperback & ebook | SYF on Amazon/Kindle

In addition to each module, handouts, supplemental videos and webinars explore every subject. YogaFaith Ambassador Holly Neal guides you through one of the toughest subjects, over 10 hours of Anatomy Webinars! Trail guide also offers additional resources for a comprehensive understanding.


 Total 250 hours