300 Hour Curriculum

Because of the numerous varieties of ways to read, YogaFaith does not provide required textbooks. These books are required to go through the modules as well as attend a 300 Hour teacher training.

YogaFaith’s 300 Hour Curriculum 

The richness and depth of this program is far beyond a typical advanced training. This training is for anyone who is passionate about implementing true change in their own life but also creating lasting change in others and the world. This program will peel the layers that create masks in our life. We will dive deep into the truths of God and what He has for your unique destiny, you will become one with The Master.

Together, we will become our true authentic self, this is something that can take a lifetime to achieve. Our Master Training is for the individual that seeks depth and refinement in their practice and teaching. Our loud and stressful world has created disease, ailments and limitations that burden millions of people. YogaFaith’s 300 YTT focuses on Yoga as therapeutics as well as a Masters in Leadership.  Discover how you can transform lives and literally change the world by offering your gifts and talents.

Upon completion of our 300 Hour Program, you will receive certifications:r-ryt_LOGO 02-YA-TEACHER-ERYT-200-500 02-YA-TEACHER-RYT-500

Required Textbook:

The Bible                          Trauma Sensitive Yoga          Yoga Therapy &              When the Heart Waits       Stretching Your Faith

Saints and Disciples       David Emerson                      Integrative Medicine         Sue Monk Kidd                  Michelle Thielen

bible      Yoga for Trauma             Yoga Therapy     When the Heart Waits      STRETCHING YOUR FAITH COVER

Lead Like Jesus         Trail Guide to the Body + Workbook

Stretching Your Faith Hardback  |  Stretching Your Faith Paperback & ebook | SYF on Amazon/Kindle

Ken Blanchard           Andrew Biel

LLJ CoverTGB_WB_500

Highly Recommended but not required:

YogaFaith Master Training Manual | The 21 Most Powerful Minutes in a Leader’s Day, John C. Maxwell

master-binder-cover     0785289275__41043_zoom-199x300