Join us for both, The Be Still Challenge [starts 1/1/18] and the Daniel Fast [1/7-1/28/2018]. You will never be the same! During the first week of the Be Still Challenge, this is a great time to prepare your body, mind and heart for the Daniel Fast that begins on the 7th. Also asking God what He would like you to fast for. Make a list and get specific in every arena of you life. Allow your fast to have intention and purpose each day. God will speak to you, if not during the fast, after. Bring your all to the alter and get ready to never be the same and have the most pivotal year yet!

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Two things that we do every year around here, The Daniel Fast and The Be Still Challenge. These two things, coupled together, make for a dynamic duo.
Before we started the ministry of YogaFaith, my husband and I personally joined Jentezen Franklin’s Church in Gainsville, Georgia on an annual, corporate fast, The Daniel Fast. There are other types of fasts, but in the first month of each new year, a duplication of 21 days of fasting as Daniel did in the Bible, sets the tone for the remaining 11 months.

When hundreds of thousands of people are corporately fasting, seeking and praying, miracles begin to happen. It’s one thing to hear the incredible stories from around the world, but quite another to experience miracles so great in your own life.

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I use to read about miracles, and yes, I’ve experienced many miracles in my own life, but I hadn’t seen in any in years. I questioned God. “Lord, do You still part Red Seas? Do you still bring coins out of fish’s mouths?”

I realized I had become somewhat of a lazy Christian. When Jeremiah says, “When you seek me with your whole heart, you shall find me.” Jeremiah 29:13 [emphasis mine]

My whole heart? Hmm, you’re right, when was the last time I sought you with my whole heart. When was the last time I emptied myself out of ‘me’ and my will, wants and desires? A light bulb came on.

Things That Happen When You Fast

Image result for jentezen franklinOne evening, my husband and I had the opportunity to fellowship with a Pastor both of us had followed since we were young. Jentezen Franklin, he has become known as the “Fasting Pastor”, but he is so much more than that. The night we met him, He placed His hands on my husbands shoulders and told him, “That thing you’re praying…that thing is coming to pass. It shall come to pass. It will come to pass.”Wow! In a drought we heard these words, and wouldn’t quite know the true meaning of them until years later.

We starting fasting with Jentzen, as so many around the world do now, and sure enough, as we sought the Lord with our whole heart, as we emptied our self out and dethroned “king stomach”, we could actually hear the voice of God. We could listen to His Spirit keenly. Everything that was spoken was so crystal clear.

Everything that was spoken  was so crystal clear.

The fast that we partake in is the Daniel Fast, it is a fast based on the first chapter of Daniel. Where a small army who had eaten no meat, fat or wine, defeated a vast army who were strong and ate mightily. They thought there was no way they could defeat their enemies. But there is a secret weapon that those who fast, seek and pray have. It’s called the anointing. This small army had it and you can have it too! Anointing means divine empowerment. Are you ready for the Divine Empowerment? Me too!

This year the corporate fast begins January 8th, and just like in Daniel, goes 21 days, until the 28th. Don’t let your mind chatter take over, it is well worth the sacrifice! Also note that you are not starving yourself, you are simply eating as Daniel ate in Daniel 1. However, you are also not stuffing yourself when you eat. Eat to be satiated.

See all the resources you need here. There is no need to purchase anything. Simply follow along and enjoy the daily prayers and meditations. Just like yoga, this fast will set your intention for the rest of the year. What a perfect time to dedicate the year unto the Lord, or offer up your first fruits.

Answers Are Waiting in His Presence Video

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Part Two of this Dynamic Duo is the Be Still Challenge.

While you are seeking the face of God, feel free to start this on January 1st. There are 31 days of whole worship, in body prayer and meditations. You are not at this alone. We want to help you and journey with you to make your fast successful! There are no words that describe the beauty that can come out of your January obedience.

If you would like a wonderful recipe book, I would highly recommend The Daniel Fast Recipe Book by Susan Gregory. See her website and a plethora of free resources.


As seen in the Be Still Challenge: We are offering tokens of remembrance for you for sharing your journey and encouraging others to fast-seek-pray!

Remember to share! share! share! the great news of getting still! Share-ers of their journey receive a few gifts as tokens to remember this January, January 2017, when you set aside time to seek and pray, God showed up and parted the Red Sea for you and your family!
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