What makes YogaFaith different than the rest?

  • Jesus! Jesus sets YogaFaith apart from any other yoga experience! He is the center of everything we do.
  • The SUPERnatural miracles set us apart from other Christian Yoga Schools, we are a school of the SUPERNATURAL!
  • YogaFaith is a Registered Master School with the Christian Yoga Association.
  • YogaFaith is an approved Continued Education Provider for the American Council of Exercise.
  • YogaFaith offers numerous Specialty Trainings for Continued Education Credits and Hours.
  • Any hours spent in any of our programs can be submitted as Continued Education Units and Credit Hours.

In a complex and ever-changing world, we believe in simplicity and the power that comes from getting still with the Lord as well as the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. You may never teach a class, but deepening your own walk with Christ, spending time in His presence often, and connecting with a very special family that is on the same journey as you, is truly priceless.

Did you know…

Yoga Faith is more than a Christian Yoga School, We are also leadership academy and deliverance ministry! YogaFaith prides itself on cultivating our students’ unique God given gifts and talents while developing and nurturing their confidence so they can share their God given anointing with the world. We live in a broken world, that can often be quite dark. The world needs more light! We need you! You will have the boldness and confidence to shine your light before all the world as well as deepen your walk with Christ, and oh yes, learn amazing yoga from some of the best instructors in their field.

Frequently Asked Questions:

All YogaFaith Training’s are for the beginner and advanced practitioner alike!

All training’s are Bible-based and centered around God, Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit. We dive deep into the Postures of Prayer, Meditation, God-given Energy Centers, and other tools to help train and equip you for ministry.


  • Whether you are taking an online, virtual or live training you will be equipped to begin teaching right away! We highly recommend attending a live immersion if at all possible, for these are life changing and transformational experiences.
  • Your credentials as a Registered YogaFaith Trainer, R-YFT, is all that you need to start your new journey as a Yoga Instructor.
  • If seeking to teach at a gym, community center, or studio, you will most likely be asked to do a demonstration class.
  • If teaching at the YMCA, church or any other space, you may be asked to do a demo, audition or share a sample class with the Director or events manager.
  • At immersion we cover extensively what to expect after training, how to set yourself apart from other instructors, how to know where God wants you and how to set up your business or YogaFaith Ministry.

Not at all.

  • You will be exposed to various styles of yoga, you will be equipped to teach either YOGAFAITH or many traditional styles of yoga. After completion you will have the opportunity to be placed on the YOGAFAITH’s directory locator at no charge to you as long as you hold a current YogaFaith certificate.
  • We recommend you register with the Christian Yoga Association, CYA, as a Trainer (R-CYAT) or Master Trainer (R-CYAMT), depending on the course you completed. There is a minimal annual fee and CYA offers great resources for the Christian Yogi. This will allow potential students and customers to find your offerings.
  • It is essential that you uphold your credentials from YOGAFAITH, R-YFT, the accrediting agency and school. These credentials are more important than any memberships based organization or alliance.

A YogaFaith Miracle Immersion is, in it’s simplest term, a God-bath, A Drenching, a Soaking or an immersion. These are life altering, empowering encounters where you will hear from the Holy Spirit about purpose, directions and next steps towards your ministry.

Immersions are also a place where:

  • No experience is needed
  • You will dive deep into His presence and Word and learn how to redeem biblical principles for His glory
  • You will be completely safe and not feel you are compromising your faith for the sake of yoga
  • You will learn Yogic principles and philosophies and postures of prayer
  • You will leave completely transformed, equipped and empowered
  • You will be awakened to numerous paths but with a clear direction to your God-given purpose and destiny
  • You will become a Registered YogaFaith Trainer, R-YFT and eligible to register with the Christian Yoga Association

YOGAFAITH is centered on the Word of God and the scriptures in The Holy Bible. There are yogic techniques that we compare to Christ and the Bible, but it is for study and comparison just with any other type of education. As a yoga training ground, we would be doing a disservice to our students if we didn’t observe other yoga traditions, techniques and philosophies. However, we do not require any text books that conflict with the the word of God or Christianity.

  • We desire students to graduate as confident and knowledgeable instructors, able to relate to different people groups and have a deep understanding of who they are in Christ.
  • We are also committed to the highest standards of training on sound, biblical doctrine. We offer a variety of Specialty Trainings if you are interested in a specific area of study. Specialty Training’s
  • Whatever path you choose at YOGAFAITH will equip you to be a knowledgeable and effective instructor.

Read more on our curriculum HERE.  300 hour RYS Curriculum HERE.

You can view all of our current programs, along with the associated hours here; Yoga Faith Program Hours

Any hours spent in any of YOGAFAITH’s Training Programs will achieve continued education units / hours that you may submit to any organization as CEC/CEU’s.

Yoga Faith accepts all forms of payments major credit cards as well as Paypal, checks, and cash.

We never want finances get in the way of attending a training; therefore we have several payment options and are willing to work with students to achieve their goals. Please email [email protected] to inquire about payment plans.

Yoga Faith does have a scholarship program for those with extreme financial need. For more details on our scholarship program click on the link below:

Yoga Faith Scholarship Details

Scholarships are awarded a couple of different ways.

  • A need-basis; We ask that you only apply for a scholarship if there is a true financial need.
  • Donations from charities or local community fundraisers are done specifically for scholarships.
  • Currently Yoga Faith offers scholarship amounts from $100 to $500.
  • See more information HERE

Our entire program is designed with the utmost flexibility in mind. You can start your Yoga Faith journey at anytime, from anywhere in the world.

  • Our Distant Training is a 100 hour Certification. This is the first 100 hours of your R-FYT 200 Certification. (The second 100 hours will be done at a live or virtual immersion)
  • You can get started with your 100 hour modules anytime here: 100 hour learning modules
  • Our online program achieves edibility to register with the Christina Yoga Association.
  • You can view all of our upcoming live or virtual 200 hour immersions here: 200 Hour Training Details

If you already have a certification and are interested in adding the faith component we recommend starting with our 100 hour program.

This is the quickest and best path to begin incorporating faith into your classes. 100 Hour Course Details

If you have a 200 hour certification and are interested in our 300/500 hour certification you can learn more details of our Master’s Program here: 500 Hour Masters Program Details

We have many students who have come from other schools and decided to add the Yoga Faith component to their current list of certifications. What others are saying about Yoga Faith

If you have another friend who would like to attend training with you, please let us know and we will credit you both $200 off your immersion cost.

If you practiced yoga before conception it is okay to continue, it’s a great option for physical fitness during pregnancy and a wonderful way to ease anxiety, stress, or tension. You (may) want to avoid inversion postures or compressing the abdominal at any time during your pregnancy. Yoga will help strengthen the pelvic area, normalize thyroid functions and blood pressure, these are all great benefits to you and the baby. You will learn about Pre- and Post- Natal Yoga during training as well as be trained by professionals that will guide you into modifications during your time at YogaFaith. Yoga is an exceptional way to connect with Christ, pray, and bond with your unborn baby.

Asana is not required, only being present at all the trainings is required.

Absolutely! You will have a front row seat to Yoga Therapeutics, yoga created for those with limitations. We dive into chair yoga and yoga for limitations, what better time for you to truly experience these applications. This will be a time for you to rest, absorb and practice yoga therapy firsthand.

Again, asana is not required, only being present at all training sessions is required.

Also note a Miracle Immersion as well as Specialty Trainings are very intensive days of learning lectures, asana and student demonstrations. Our days begin very early and end very late. Self care is vital during our time together.

You do not have to complete modules to come to an immersion.

No matter where you are in the journey of the modules you can attend a hands on training. At immersion you will get the hands on component of what you learned in your modules. The order doesn’t matter, you can complete your modules and then come to immersion or attend an immersion and then complete your modules.

  • To receive your 100 Distant R-YFT Certification, you will need to complete all five online modules, pass the respective quizzes and send your final in. You may then register with the Christian Yoga Association in addition to being Registered with YogaFaith.
  • To receive your 200 Hour R-YFT Certificate on the last day of immersion, you will need to complete all Modules and respective quizzes, and all sessions at immersion.

We understand that life happens.

If you are not able to attend an immersion that you signed up for you can read about all of your transfer and or cancellation options here: Yoga Faith Terms and Conditions

Since this is a sacred space, we want to maintain the intimacy and privacy of the group and there for we are asking that family members not be present at the immersion or graduation.  This is a very intimate and potentially vulnerable time and we want to keep the space sacred to those attending immersion. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

  • Online Modules; Modules are immediately accessible after individual purchasing or purchasing an immersion in it’s entirety, we cannot issue any refund for materials that have already been viewed, received, or used, this applies to any and all Modules available at and through YogaFaith.
  • Immersions; can be refunded or transferred, excluding the Module Costs.
  • 200 and 300 hour Immersion; If you have signed up for any of these and can no longer attend, funds from a 200 or 300 hour training can be reimbursed (excluding modules). Funds can be transferred to another immersion for a $100 Transfer Fee.
  • Funds cannot be transferred if: an accountability partner or group have already been assigned OR it is before 7 weeks prior to immersion. [Based on your paid reservation we count you “IN”. We then pay venues based on a specific head count. You won’t have a “credit” or “balance” with us, as your monies went to a specific training and the reason we cannot transfer or refund it within this time period.]
  • Specialty Trainings are non-refundable and non-transferable, specific venues with various hosts and locations cause specialty certification trainings to be non-refundable. YogaFaith Children’s YTT, Trauma Sensitive YogaFaith, 12 Step YogaFaith are just some of our Specialty Certification Programs : All material is immediately accessible and cannot be refunded for any portion.
  • Reservation Fees: Non-refundable
  • Webinars/online trainings, scholarships, discounted tuition; non-refundable as stated at the time of purchase.
  • Apparel; We are happy to exchange or refund any unworn and unused clothing.