Yogafaith’s Guiding Principles and Core Values

Yogafaith has been celebrating the goodness of God since 2013 when this ministry was birthed out of a Daniel Fast. Our guiding principles and core values are what truly guides our ministry and remain the center of our culture.

Guiding Principles

The Word of God

First and foremost, we allow the Spirit-breathed Word of God to guide every area of our lives and ministry.


We honor God through our faith, family and relationships. We commit to seek God first in everything we do.


We believe in the dignity and importance of each individual.


We respect and strengthen our family and YogaFaith® Community.


We create a standard of excellence recognized as a premium educator in our ministry.


We commit to a mutual loyalty and trust between YogaFaith® and our members.


We commit to continually improve as the Holy Spirit guides.

Personal Growth

We commit to ongoing personal growth and development through professional training and educational programs.


We commit to resource and empower our students with the highest quality training, products and services available.


We desire to keep our promises to each other, to the Lord, and to our partners, living honestly and building trust.

Culture of Grace

YogaFaith® is committed to cultivating a culture of grace and love. We will extend compassion and grace to others without judgment or condemnation, showing them the love of Jesus Christ.


We are generous in serving each other, as well as our partners, so that more people can be transformed by Christ.


We know that God is the Author of all creativity and we desire to express His creative excellence in all we do.


We acknowledge that none of us are perfect. We are sinful, fallen people living in a fallen world. We are imperfect Christians, seeking a perfect God and trying to make a difference in His kingdom and for His glory.

Core Values

His Presence

We desire a culture of being presence-focused, where we pray, read His word, worship, fellowship and walk in obedience to the Holy Spirit.


We pursue God for the healing of our hearts and the revelation of our identity as sons and daughters. We actively partner with the will of God to heal the spirit, soul, and body of all people.

The Gospel Healthy Relationships

We emphasize the Love of the Father in sending His son as a sacrifice for all man’s sins. We are ambassadors of the reconciling truth of God and are carriers of the redemptive power of Christ wherever we go.

Healthy Relationships

We sacrificially invest in life-giving relationships in both our natural and spiritual families. We honor people by seeing them as God created them to be and cultivate a heart connection through clear communication, vulnerability, and humility.

Supernatural Lifestyle

We partner with the Holy Spirit to be transformed and to demonstrate the kingdom of God through divine wisdom, spiritual gifts, miracles, signs and wonders.