Meditation & Nidra

Sitting in stillness, the practice of meditation, and the cultivation of awareness are commonly thought to be the preserves of Hindus and Buddhists. Journey with us as we explore the Christian tradition of contemplation has its own refined teachings on using a prayer word to focus the mind, working with the breath to cultivate stillness, and the practice of inner vigilance or awareness.

Into the Silent Land, we see the ancient wisdom of both the Christian East and West brought sharply to bear on the modern-day longing for radical openness to God in the depths of the heart.

Do you desire to journey yet deeper into the silence of God? We will focus on negotiating key moments of struggle on the contemplative path, when the whirlwind of distractions or the brick wall of boredom makes it difficult to continue. These inner struggles, even wounds, that any person of prayer must face, are like riddles, trying to draw out of us our own inner silence.

Ultimately, the wounds we loathe become vehicles of the healing silence we seek, beyond technique and achievement.
We will redeem biblical principles such as meditation and rest, for God’s glory and Kingdom healing and Kingdom building! We will become a people whose lives are incomparably enriched by the practice of contemplation.

Stretching Your Faith contains meditations for each asana family, and every posture. contains a biblical observance and scripture contemplation.

  • Learn how to offer Christ centered guided meditations and nidras
  • Learn how to effectively guide, cue and use creative directives for others to experience a deep rest or an awakening
  • Continued education credits are available [15 total, 7.5 Contact, 7.5 Non-Contact Hours)
  • This designation and certification will open numerous doors into the private and public, Christian and non-Christian sectors.
  • See full details of this one day intensive HERE

Required Textbooks [not provided]

The Bible                                   Stretching Your Faith , Michelle Thielen     Into the Silent Land, Martin Laird


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