Training with YogaFaith

Training with YogaFaith couldn’t be easier. We have designed all of our training’s with you in mind. Start anytime in the comfort of your own home with our online modules, and we pray that you then choose a hands-on Teacher Training. We have many geographic choices each year for your convenience.

How to Begin:

  1. Online; Anywhere in the world, go at your own pace, connect with others. Registered with YogaFaith at the 100 level and may Register with the Christian Yoga Association.
  2. Online + Immersion; A life changing and transformative time. Register with YogaFaith at the 200 level.
  3. Online + Immersion + Elective(s); achieving proper contact hours: Register as a Master Trainer with the Christian Yoga Association.

Online Christian Yoga Teacher Training

First Time Instructors

Registered YogaFaith Trainer, 200 Hour Training

Our 100 Hour Christian Yoga, YogaFaith, Teacher Training is the foundation of our school.

You may begin teaching right away with your 100 hour certification.

With our online yoga teacher training you can obtain your YogaFaith certification by completing our 100 Hour Online program via distant learning modules and become a Registered YogaFaith Trainer, R-YFT 100. Add a Hands On Immersion and become a Registered YogaFaith Trainer, R-YFT 200. You will receive an in depth, comprehensive yoga education all from a Christian perspective and eligible to register with the Christian Yoga Association, as well as submit any hours spent with us as continued education with any organization.

At Yoga Faith, we strive to redeem what was first found in the Bible, in the beginning, for God’s glory. Most “yoga techniques” were practiced throughout the Bible thousands of years ago, God created everything above and beneath the Heavens, come explore the many postures of prayer, the stretching of your faith and the great, big, wide and vast love of your Father!

See detailed Program Hours HERE.

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Existing Instructors

Registered YogaFaith Master Trainer, 300/500 Hour Training

In order to apply for our 300/500 Hour Master’s Training  you must already have a 200 Hour Certification or equivalent experience.  Our Master training, can be done distantly through Four Master Modules with the optional hands-on teacher training.

YogaFaith’s Master program is unparalleled to any other program. We dive deeply into the redemption of biblical principles found in the yoga world as well as focus on therapeutics, leadership training, legacy living and discipleship.

  1. Part I Online Portion, includes Non-Contact hours through Four Master Modules. Upon completion you will receive your Registered YogaFaith Master Certification. [Journey with an online group or go at your own pace, starting anytime].
  2. Optional Part II, Hands-On, includes Contact Hours at our advanced and comprehensive Master Training Sessions with YogaFaith’s Lead Trainers and Ambassadors and a dual Certification of Yoga Therapy Level One.
  3. Optional Part III, Hands-On or Online Elective, For those interested in a specific ministry or population such as Trauma survivors, the incarcerated, addicted, or limited mobility, choose an additional elective from our  Specialty Training’s. 

See detailed Program Hours HERE.

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Specialty Trainings

Online Yoga Teacher Training