Are you ready for Christmas? This is the most popular question of the season. It beckons a sigh, a rolling of the eyes and a deep exhalation. Because the truth is, you can never be done, or “ready”. There is always one more thing you can add to the decor, one more sparkling bulb or a set of lights over there, one more poinsettia here and one more gift to be purchased.

Your internal video begins to play. “I still have to get him a gift and her a gift…I still need to wrap everything…make the dinner list….get the groceries….and I need to fill the stockings too…oh my gosh I only so many days before Christmas…” and on and on it plays until you are flat out exhausted and completely stressed out over Christmas.

But…there is only one gift that is important during this season. His name is Jesus. He has gifted you and I with a free gift of salvation, life and freedom.

It is the time to turn back to the only gift that matters. Lay everything else aside and enjoy what the season is truly about.

Jesus. Unwrap Him this holiday. Sit and rest on His lap and simply enjoy Him.

May you have the most wonderful Christmas ever and know that 2018 will bring your greatest year so far if you open your heart to receive it!
In Him,

Derek and Michelle Thielen and all of YogaFaith…Merry Christmas

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