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YogaFaith 200 Hour Program
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Registered YogaFaith Trainer, 200 Hour Training

Achieved distantly via modules and/or through a teacher training, YogaFaith’s 200 hour is a foundational program open to the beginner or advanced practitioner, to learn from the ground up, all things yoga from a Christian perspective. We strive to redeem what was first found in the Bible, in the beginning, for God’s glory. Most yoga techniques were practiced throughout the Bible over 2,000 years ago!

You can achieve your YogaFaith Certification, distantly and/or in person, as well as a Yoga Alliance accreditation if attending an immersion.

200 Hour Curriculum Details can be found here.


YogaFaith 300/500 Master Program
Registered YogaFaith Master Trainer, 500 Hour Training

This is an additional 300 hour program that achieves master level trainer status. This Master training, can be done distantly and/or through a hands-on teacher training, also known as an immersion. This program is unparalleled to any other program. We dive deeply into the redemption of biblical principles found in the yoga world as well as focus on leadership training and discipleship.

  1. Part I Online Portion, to receive your Registered YogaFaith Master Certification [distant leanring.
  2. Part II, Hands-On, Contact Hours to become a Registered YogaFaith Master Trainer at the 500 hour level, in addition to a RYT-500 with Yoga Alliance.

300 Hour Curriculum Details can be found here.

YogaFaith 12 Step Program
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Registered YogaFaith 12-Step | More Details HERE
This program consists of two parts; Part One online/distantly,  and Part Two consists of 2 days of hands-on training.

We dive into the nature of Addiction:

  • The brain – neuroscience and understanding the addictive process
  • The 12 Step Path based on the original 12 Steps of AA and bringing God front and center.
  • Yoga for All A’s: Chemical Addictions, Obsession, and Eating Disorders
  • Trauma and healing
  • How to hold space for those in recovery
  • How to lead a yoga class/12 step meeting

YogaFaith 12 Step and Recovery Facebook Page   |   CLICK HERE FOR OUR NEXT TRAINING JUNE OF 2018 IN TUCSON, AZ

YogaFaith Children's Ministry
Registered YogaFaith Children’s Trainer

YogaFaith Kids is a Christ-centered training program created with kids and kids at heart in mind.

Yoga is a the most unique physical activity because it encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. Among the innumerable physical benefits, specific to children yoga develops awareness, healthy body image and confidence, balance, concentration, focus, and discipline.

In this program you will learn how to effectively and safely teach toddlers and children of all ages the gift of yoga. YogaFaith Children’s Teacher Training also focus on Yoga Therapy for Children and those that have suffered trauma, suffer from Autism and many other symptoms. You will gain the knowledge to instill a healthy image, self discipline and a love for God that is important at any age.  The most special part is sharing Jesus and making prayer with God fun, safe and effective. YogaFaith Kids wants our next generation to know they are wonderfully and fearfully made in the image of Christ and they are enough, loved, accepted and approved. We also want you to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to train up a godly next generation.

YogaFaith Kid’s Facebook Page

YogaFaith Trauma Sensitive Program
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YF Trauma Sensitive Program | See REQUIREED TEXTS HERE

Registered Trauma Sensitive YogaFaith Trainer

At the heart of YogaFaith’s ministry is the rescue and restoration of human traffick survivors of all ages. We also minister and aid other trauma victims such as domestic violence victims and complex trauma students. In this 4-5 day intensive certification, you will become an expert in Trauma Sensitive YogaFaith. Bringing Christ in the center of Trauma Sensitive Yoga brings true healing and transformation on every level to these survivors.

You will leave equipped and empowered to reach trauma victims and survivors with these vital teachings. You will also have the ability to teach both TSY and TSYF.

Trauma Sensitive YogaFaith Facebook Page    | CLICK HERE FOR OUR NEXT TRAINING IN MARCH 2018 IN CLEVELAND,OHIO

Registered YogaFaith Bold Trainer
R-YFBT-YogaFaith Bold-logo-01

We believe it’s vital information for anyone and everyone. Become a Registered YogaFaith Bold Trainer, R-YFT, from anywhere in the world and earn continued education credits from our time together. Our distant program makes education adventurous, rewarding, and develops community  with engagement from others all around the world!

This training is for anyone who would like to teach, train up others, or simply know for themselves how to teach every body type, height, limited mobility, injury, adaptive, prosthetics, etc.
YogaFaith Bold is a Christ centered training rooted in biblical principles of prayer, meditation and whole worship. This training will take you deeper with Christ, empower you in your God-confidence, purpose and any aid in any body image issues. You will also learn how to help others in each of these areas!

In the day when I cried out, You answered me, And made me bold with strength in my soul. Psalm 138:3 


Registered YogaFaith Men's Trainer
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YF Men’s Ministry

The focus is on anatomy, ethics, asana, breath, kriyas and all things yoga as it pertains to the man’s physique and health. This training is not just for men. As a well rounded instructor, everyone needs to know about the ethics of assisting, sequencing, and adjusting, as well as the major difference in anatomy to help all studnets experience a safe, well balanced, harmonious and effective time on the mat.

YogaFaith Men’s Facebook Page

YogaFaith Military & Veterans Program
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Registered YogaFaith Military & Veterans Trainer

This program was created specifically for our military and those that suffer from traumatic or repeated traumatic incidents. We want to honor our military and create a safe environment to explore how YogaFaith MV can bring about true healing and wholeness. Leave as an expert in this field, to heal perhaps not only yourself and family, but to train up others in this Christ centered approach to true restoration. You will explore Trauma Sensitive YogaFaith as well as other styles and many tools to help you do this.

YogaFaith Meditation & Nidra Program
Registered YogaFaith Meditation & Nidra Trainer

This one or two day intensive a fun time to explore the guided meditation and nidra techniques. Guided meditation is a process by which one or more participants meditate in response to a provided guidance, by a trained practitioner or teacher, either in person or via a written text, sound recording, video, or audiovisual media comprising music or verbal instruction, or a combination of both. Nidra is the deepest relaxation once can achieve while being conscious. During our time together learn the many ways that you can help others heal through this modality of relaxation, peace and restfulness.


YogaFaith Prison Ministry
R-YFPM-YogaFaith Prison Ministry-logo-01
Registered YogaFaith Prison Ministry

YogaFaith’s Prison Ministry dives deep into biblical and yogic principles focusing on those that suffer from depression and discouragement from being incarcerated. Purpose Driven YogaFaith is learned to inspire, empower and bring hope to the hurting. You will leave confident in handling a fragile and often times forgotten people. You will also know how to introduce YogaFaith into prisons, where to start, who to talk to you and how implementation works.

YogaFaith Prison Ministry Facebook Page

YogaFaith Restorative Program
R-YFR R-YogaFaith Restorative-logo-01
Registered YogaFaith Restorative Trainer

A Christ centered approach to all things Restorative, healing and the essential use of props and tools, and so much more. Become an expert and train others in releasing of deep tension and trauma while truly being restored. Yoga principles, techniques and anatomy are explored as well as the use of essential oils and many others tool to guide others into restoration. Leave confident in knowing the importance of this practice and why you should incorporate these methods into every yoga class you teach.

YogaFaith Sculpt & Power Program
R-YFS Registered YogaFaith Sculpt
Registered YogaFaith Sculpt Trainer

YogaFaith’s Sculpt & Power Program focuses on toning, muscle strength, cardiovascular and nervous system health. Advanced postures and sequencing are explored in addition to use of weights and using one’s body weight for a more vigorous practice or simply to help others in preventing diseases such as osteoporosis and many other ailments.

YogaFaith Adaptive Program
R-AYF Registered Adaptive YogaFaith
Registered Adaptive YogaFaith

Adaptive yoga is for everyone. Explore biblical and yogic principles centered around practitioners with limitations, often severe limitations. This is a Christ-centered approach to asana, pranayama, meditation and modifications for persons with MS and other neuromuscular conditions. There is a large demographic that need your expertise in this field.

YogaFaith Ambassador
YF-A-YogaFaith Ambassador
This program is dedicated to those that have completed a YogaFaith Training, Online or in person as well as the Lead Like Jesus Training. YogaFaith has created a program to serve and support the YogaFaith family and community in achieving their God-given dreams, gifts and purpose!