This product includes;

  • Sozo and Somatic Therapy Level 1
    • Includes all materials for Level One, therefore cannot be refunded.
      • Level One Reading Outline
      • YogaFaith Sozo & Somatics Teacher Training Manual, 44 pages
      • Webinar trainings and additional materials in our online learning platform
      • Upon completion of reading and virtual sessions receive your Level One Digital Certificate of Completion.
        • Completion of all 3 levels Certificate is mailed to be a R-YFSS Trainer
  • What is Sozo and Somatics? Read here
  • This does not include Leadership Training

Details of Level One:

Dive deeper into:

  1. Complex trauma that stems from evil
  2. The triune brain
  3. The muscle of the soul where trauma resides
  4. Releasing trauma through Somatic movement and healing mudras
  5. Somatic History and Various Styles through PowerPoint and Videos
  6. Each of your personal relationships with the Triune Godhead
  7. How trauma destroys and Christ restores, living a life free of shame
  8. Exploration of a unique and powerful combination of neuroscience and spiritual practices

Manual Included in purchase.