*This video is included with Stretching Your Faith book. If you are purchasing the book, these 3 videos are included, do not buy this.

Stretching Your Faith (SYF) Video is a supplement to SYF Book.

This is a 3 class, 90 minute instructional with many modifications and ways to deepen your practice.

You will explore 3 various level of classes through an online video.

Video intro pic

Introduction to YogaFaith & Props

beg video pic

YF Beginner Class

inter video pic

YF Intermediate Class

adv video pic

YF Advanced Class



Stretching Your Faith is a spirit led blueprint to experiencing lasting transformation, whole worship and complete surrender. It is the practice of YogaFaith which is a profound, intimate experience that will draw you closer to the heart of God.

In this video you are invited to explore postures and sequences however you choose. Because it is an instructional, there is a bit more talking that a standard YogaFaith class, where worship music plays as we practice with less instruction and talking.

Enjoy dancing in His grace!