Online portion is unlimited capacity, hands-on portion in Atlanta has only 15 spaces


  1. Part I is the online portion / distant learning.
    • Master Modules can be started anytime
    • Calls: 6pm PST on April 1  | May 1 | June 3 | Aug 1 | September 2

Part II Hands-On Intensive Teacher Training: Limited Capacity of 15 spaces

  1. YogaFaith 300/500 Hour Master Teacher Training,
    • Week One July 19-25, 2019
    • Week Two Sept. 23-29, 2019


  • 4 Master Modules Online, may be purchased individually or save when purchasing all four, may complete post immersion.
  • Previous Training

Complete Price:

  • Part I 1999/1799  | Part II 2999/2699 = 4998/4498
    • Apply for scholarships early
    • Current YogaFaith Trainers or Military receive 10% off
Location of Hands On:
  • Atlanta, GA, Duluth Area

Other Details:

  • Previous training at a yoga alliance school receives 500 RYT and a R-YFMT, after all requirements are completed.
  • Previous non Yoga Alliance training receives a R-YFMT, Registered YogaFaith Master Trainer 500 hours, after all requirements are complete.
  • Elective Hours with Lead Trainers must be complete prior to receiving certification. [Elective Hands-on training can be done before or after this immersion]
  • 500 hour elective hands-on trainings include: Integrative Therapeutics and Medicine, Complex Trauma, 12 Step and Recovery, Adaptive and Prison Ministry.
  • Whether completing online or only or both part I and II, you may register with the Christian Yoga Association.