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Course: A stand alone specialty certification {required for YF Yoga Therapy Program}. 50 hours of Continued Education Credits.

A Meeting of Ancient Paths: The Intersection of Christianity, Yoga and Spiritual Disciplines provides a safe place for people of all backgrounds, religions or those of no religion to explore ancient practices – how various worldviews affect the practice and understanding of yoga and other spiritual disciplines.

Students will explore the evolution of yoga and yoga therapy techniques from various worldviews and religions, with a focus on Christianity and its diverse denominations. This course also introduces main ideas, beliefs, practices, and historical developments of eastern and western religions, philosophies, and various traditions in religions, including Hinduism, Jainism, various forms of Buddhism, Taoism, Japanese traditions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and includes Atheism, non-theism, and Agnostic and New Age philosophies.

This course examines various lineages and styles of yoga from an Eastern and Western perspective, as well as numerous gurus, disciples, yogis, saints, Christ, and other key persons in the roots of yoga, world religions and spiritual disciplines.

This course explores the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali from the lens of Christ, as well as the 8 Limb path, St. Teresa of Avila’s 7 Mansions from The Interior Castle, and Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline, all to draw one closer to the heart of God, and Samadhi.

Examine religions of the world, spiritual disciplines, and comparative studies. This course is a prerequisite to YogaFaith Yoga Therapy Program, YF-YFP. Yoga Therapy students are enrolled and space is limited.


This product includes:

  1. Required Reading Outline, 2 pages
    1. Begin anytime – official READING ONLY starts now
  2. Introduction and Overview of Training, Easy to Print, 4 pages
  3. Introduction Overview of Training Manual, 13 Pages
  4. Chronology of Christianity, Yoga and Christian Yoga, also see here
  5. Confirmation of attendance of 2021 webinars


  • Sept. 18, 2020 (Rosh Hashanah): Distant study, required reading begins
  • January 9 – March 27, 2021 live webinars
    • These will be recorded, live participation is required
  • March 27 (Passover): Conclusion and Certification
  • Approximately 6 months


    • introduction | begin distant study  9.18.2020 {Rosh Hashanah}
    • webinars
      • one | 1.9
      • two | 1.16
      • three | 1.23
      • four | 1.30
      • five | 2.6
      • six | 2.13
      • seven | 2.20
      • eight | conclusion | 2.27
      • nine | completion & certification | 3.27 {Passover}


  • World Religions, Yoga and Spiritual Disciplines Specialist Certification upon completion
  • Continued Education Credits: 50 hours (5.0 Continued Education Credits)

This course is a prerequisite for YF Yoga Therapy Program, YF-YTP, Foundations of Yoga, Yoga Therapy and YogaFaith

This course is almost at capacity as Yoga Therapy students are enrolled.