Breaking Up to Break Bread: An Untethering of Technology, A Workshop and YogaFaith for Freedom.

  • When: On Demand – Anytime!
  • Duration: 90 minutes includes presentation and YF for Freedom mini session
  • Included:
    1. Continued Education
    2. 6-Page PDF of Article {available immediately} Breaking Up to Break Bread: An Untethering of Technology
    3. 60-minute workshop
    4. 20-minute YogaFaith for Freedom {asana practice}
    5. Bonus: 30-minute Discussion / Q&A with Michelle (kept some comments in for on-demand viewers)
    6. The Video link will be on your receipt, assessable immediately {no refunds because of this}


This 90-minute workshop will include the “How to” of breaking up with technology, read the article to find out the “Why to.”

We will be discussing elements of the article, the 12 exchanges while taking a deeper dive into why, and then the “how to’s”. As with any addiction, it isn’t a matter of stopping cold turkey. It takes intention, planning, determination and much more. We will dive into the principle of living a life of balance, boundaries, and being free from technology while still having a thriving job, business, and/or ministry. The world says, “Stay connected…” The enemy wants us plugged in and busy. But God says, “Come to me all you who are heavy burdened, and I will give you rest…. rest and trust…..learn My rhythms of grace…. cease from striving….”


When you purchase this product, you will receive the 6-page {easy print} PDF of the article, as well as the video link of the on-demand 90-minute workshop + YogaFaith for Freedom mini session.

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