We are honored to have the one and only Dee Jones of Open Door Photography bless us with her eye to see beauty in all things. All of us struggle with body image issues, but we encourage you to surrender the lies from the enemy and DO a “Capture His Outpouring” session. They are named this because that is exactly what happens. Through the lens and the anointing of Dee’s hands, God’s outpouring is captured in each and every photo! Those that partake in these 75-90 minute sessions, have cherished seeing the transformation of their personal, beautiful journey right before their very own eyes! You will never regret it!

All photos belong to you and can be used for your personal marketing such as website and business cards. Dee will capture many varieties, head shots, postures and poses with a friend, it’s your sessions.

Tips for any photo shoot:

  1. Relax, lighten up and have fun.
  2. Release any body image issues.
  3. Allow Dee to capture God’s outpouring as you are immersed at immersion, or allow your photographer to work their magic as they capture a masterpiece…you!
  4. Use these images as the beginning, or another marker in your transformation as you see photos in the future.
  5. Keep an open heart, literally and physically. This will allow your eyes to smile and your photos will look expansive and open instead of closed off. Think “lift your heart”.
  6. Bring a few change of clothes and don’t forget any YogaFaith shirts you may have.
  7. Women: Bring face powder, and anything you may need to touch up such as lip gloss. Men: Bring a towel to wipe any sweat. All: Flip flops are good to slip in and out of easily.
  8. Flaws can be the most beautiful part of a photo: dirty feet, wind blown hair, a laugh, a twig in the hair, etc.
  9. No matter what pose you are in, tell your face you are at the spa and enjoying yourself 🙂
  10. Don’t miss this rare opportunity and combination of an incredible photographer and breathtaking scenery.
  11. Bring photos, ideas and a few outfits. Don’t forget your YogaFaith gear!

See her work at and Stay Connected with OpenDoorPhotography on Facebook.

Don’t miss the opportunity to capture the sacred space that you will experience at Immersion. This is a precious time and there is nothing quite like physically capturing His light and your transformation! Don’t worry that you dislike photos of yourself, it is all about Him!

Sessions are typically an 75-90 minutes. You receive all high resolution images that you own. Be featured in YogaFaith inspiring photos! You will never, ever regret this investment!

Dee, wow! You are such a gem!!

Dee is absolutely wonderful! She is SUCH a beautiful human being. I can’t imagine immersion without her. And, I’m so grateful I decided to do a Capture His Outpouring Session. Time time we spent together was incredible, but the photos, what an absolute treasure!

I have worked with many, many photographers throughout my lifetime, but Dee tops them all!

Dee has a way of capturing beauty like no other! Thank you for being at immersion, I couldn’t imagine it any other way. You bring so much joy and beauty to everything!