In the beginning was God! What do you think the beginning looks like?!


YogaFaith Kid’s Module One [1k]

Here we introduce children to the way God has fearfully and wonderfully created us, also exploring movement and what is this thing yoga? What is the meaning of yoga, yoking, communing with God, our family and one another. Be prepared to explore how God made our heart, lungs and belly through pranayama, or breathing techniques specifically created for appropriate ages. Prana is life force, therefore we introduce the Holy Spirit and God as our energy and life force! Learn the benefits of yoga for Children and families. Learn to redeem biblical meditations and songs from the books of Psalm, as well as specifically guided meditations for ages 5-12.  As a R-YFK Instructor, explore numerous, fun and amazing themes for 4-12 years old. Empower children to use yoga and breath as a means to discipline, concentrate, and have “friend and family time. In Module One  you will learn Mindfulness and Christfulness for age appropriate relaxation and peace. Children will learn how to relax, stay focused and learn the power of visualization here. During this time you will learn in great depth how to guide Children with Autism and Special needs, what a wonderful time this is for all.

  • Can be completed in one week
  • Along the way feel supported with the YogaFaith and YogaFaith Children’s ministry.
  • Weekly sessions are supplemented with videos and many photos to enhance our distant learning program.
  • Learn beautiful, biblically supported Meditations
  • Anatomy of a YogaFaith Children’s class: 2-4, 4-6, 7-10 and 10-12 years of age
  • Elements within each class
  • The ark of a class
  • Dig into the Word: Soul Work

A final, well-rounded, 15 minute YogaFaith Children’s class is required to complete this certification program.