I am who I am, and what I am and I will be what I will be; and He said, You shall say this to the Israelites; I am has sen me to you! Exod. 3:14 AMP

YogaFaith Kids

YogaFaith Kid’s Module Three [3k]

Here we introduce children to singing the Psalms and the importance of injecting this back into not only our homes, but our society. Chanting is defined as using our voice as melodic sounds. In Module 3k we dive into redeeming chanting for the  glory of God and begin to use at it was originally created to do. Children love to sing! Here we teach them the joy of doing so for God’s glory as well as song with action. Explore fun and amazing themes for the 10-12 years old range. Children will learn many different posture families and get the chance to practice them and direct fellow classmates and/or family members into each one.  In Module Three  you will learn specific meditations for Mindfulness for age appropriate relaxation and peace. Children will learn how to relax, stay focused and learn the power of visualization here. In our exploration of Christfulness, children will learn Chrisfulness mantra for each age range, these are easy to memorize to be ingrained on their heart forever. During this time you will learn in great depth how to guide Children with Autism and Special needs, specifically in the school system and learn the challenges and capabilities of Yoga Therapy for special needs…what a wonderful time this is for all.

  • Can be completed in one week
  • Along the way feel supported with the YogaFaith and YogaFaith Children’s ministry.
  • Weekly sessions are supplemented with videos and many photos and/or coloring pages for children to enhance our distant learning program.

A final, well-rounded, 15 minute YogaFaith Children’s class is required to complete this certification program.