YogaFaith Online Modules are created so that you may begin your journey at anytime, from anywhere. No matter where you are within the modules or perhaps you have yet to start them, you may join us at an immersion to receive your contact hours and explore the Modules in their entirety.

  • Upon completion of the modules and your demonstration class, receive your YogaFaith Certificate, R-YFT.

YogaFaith Module 2; God, Breath and Energy



  • Explore biblical philosophies on the energy Creator
  • Build confidence in the use of numerous yogic tools and techniques for God’s glory
  • Learn fundamental principles, traditions and asanas.
  • Achieve wholeness mind, body, spirit and soul. Also gain the ability to guide others into the same.
  • Develop God confidence
  • Create a daily, joyous habit of setting time apart to be with the Lord. (He has things He needs to tell you, places for you to go and divine connections that you need to meet. Learn to NOT miss this daily appointment. Perhaps your mat will begin to represent this urgent daily appointment?)
  • Each Module is interactive, make comments, gain feedback, interact with other students and leaders or ask questions.


  1. After completion of your 100 hour certification, you may register with the Christian Yoga Association
  2. If attending an immersion these hours are applied to a 200 hour YogaFaith Certification







What students are saying in Module 2:


This is nourishing for the soul and it reaffirms we are redeemed. Amen 


I really enjoyed learning about the Psoas! Thank you for this training. I’m learning so much and I can’t wait to learn even more. You guys are truly a blessing to offer this training. Thank you so much.


The lesson on the chakras I believe, helps me better understand how to lean into our Heavenly Father to release what the enemy would have me hold onto. By understanding what part of the body is storing what kind of trauma, experience or energy, I am better able to identify, commit it to prayer, attach scripture and release it all to Him. I loved Holly’s video on The Psoas. I’ve done work on this area but did not realize how important it is. I am more grateful every day that I am taking this journey.


I love the sentence about it being my “JOY” to create my own yoga sequence. I am struggling with that task. I take the sequencing very seriously for a variety of reasons. But, I need to replace the fear and insecurity with JOY!! Also, I receive 2 Chronicles 2:13; I am a master craftsman who is extremely talented!!


I have been practicing yoga for 10 years and I knew that breath work was beneficial but I have been blown away by just how beneficial it really is!!! And it can even help you to love longer. I am so excited to try some of these new techniques; Thanks for a very informative lesson. Blessings


I cherish the feeling of exhaling toxins and falsehoods, and with every inhalation making room for the Holy Spirit, His light and His truth.

I am naturally drawn to the Standing Postures. I probably do these postures the best. However, I do need practice–as in daily practice. What makes these postures interesting, that I never knew before taking YogaFaith training, is that all the benefits from this practice are the exact areas of my health where I struggle: digestive issues, anxiety, stress, sluggish liver, urinary issues, stiff calf muscles and ensuing chronic plantar fasciitis, flat feet, depression (healed now!) God knows exactly what I need to do to heal my body. He has given me the ability to get into these postures with ease! I just need to follow His lead now. I am thankful to Michelle for this training. So many Holy Spirit moments of confirmation that I am on the right track here!