YogaFaith Online Modules are created so that you may begin your journey at anytime, from anywhere. No matter where you are within the modules or perhaps you have yet to start them, you may join us at an immersion to receive your contact hours and explore the Modules in their entirety.

  • This is 5 of 5 Modules and takes approximately 20 hours to complete.
  • Upon completion of 5 modules and your demonstration class, receive your YogaFaith Certificate at the 100 hour level, R-YFT 100.
  • Completion of Five Modules allows you to register with the Christian Yoga Association as a Trainer, R-CYAT.
  • Achieving a 200 Registered YogaFaith Trainer Certification, R-YFT 200 hour, requires a hands-on Miracle Immersion.
  • See our Program Hours HERE

YogaFaith Module 5 -Complete In Christ



  • Knowing your confidence, worth and value in Christ alone
  • [Truly] Becoming His Ambassador
  • Build confidence in the use of numerous yogic tools and techniques for God’s glory
  • Learn fundamental principles, traditions in Module 5 specific asana families.
  • Achieve wholeness mind, body, spirit and soul. Also gain the ability to guide others into the same.
  • Dive into your purpose
  • Develop God confidence
  • Create a daily, joyous habit of setting time apart to be with the Lord. (He has things He needs to tell you, places for you to go and divine connections that you need to meet. Learn to NOT miss this daily appointment. Perhaps your mat will begin to represent this urgent daily appointment?
  • Each Module is interactive, make comments, gain feedback, interact with other students and leaders or ask questions.
  1. After completion of your 100 hour certification, you may register with the Christian Yoga Association
  2. If attending an immersion these hours are applied to a 200 hour YogaFaith Certification







What students are saying in Module 5:


I never knew there were so many different Yoga practices. I am truly enjoying the education that I’m receiving.

I am so grateful for all of this incredible information and can’t WAIT to continue my journey at the immersion! All the hard work that went into these modules is evident and so appreciated. I am praising God for these modules…with Him all things are possible!

Wow! These downloads are such an amazing gift! Thank you.

Oh my!! Thank you for all these PDFs. I downloaded them and I printed them. I am gonna glory-soak them all up!!!!

AMAZING !!!! Thank you

Thank you so much for sharing these. Taking the stress and time off of us. So kind and thoughtful!

Thank you Michelle and Derek this course has been answered prayer for me for my yoga certification. God Bless You and all your students!

Thank you YogaFaith for this opportunity and for sharing with us all your gifts!! May God bless you all.