This short, adjustable necklace has small African Turquoise stone beads or Imperial Jasper stone beads connected with chain links. Features a small bronze cross charm.

Length: 10″
Cross Charm: .5″

Looks amazing on its own or combined with other necklaces.


Jasper Healing properties: Promotes calmness and tranquility – relieving stress and anxiety. It’s known as a defensive stone, but you know the Ultimate Defender in Christ and Master Stone Maker, it is He that protects and defends. It’s also known to bring creativity, strength, and transformation, as well as helps in new and past relationships. Meditate on the Lord and what He has already done for you at the cross, while clasping the beautiful cross.


African Turquoise isn’t [actually] turquoise but a variety of Jasper, it is mined in Africa and known to have many physical and spiritual benefits. African turquoise is considered the stone of evolution (YOU EVOLVING), bringing about profound change and transformation in life. While meditating with the Lord, He will give you strength and the ability to move throughout your storms. Allow Him to guide you and transform you.

Aren’t you grateful that you know the Stone Maker? God created all things, and we know that everything praises Him, even rocks!

But Jesus answered, “I tell you, if ·my followers didn’t say these things [they remained silent], then the stones would ·cry out [start shouting].” Luke 19:40, EXB