100 Signed and numbered copy of Michelle’s second book Exit Wilderness, A Road Map Out of Depression & Hopelessness


Exit Wilderness sheds light on the challenges of depression and offers readers a road map through their own wilderness. If you have ever battled depression or feelings of hopelessness, this book will encourage you through your own journey into a life of freedom.


These pages are filled with intimate details of how God rescued one of His beloved daughters from the pit of destruction and the decision to take her own life. This is a story of redemption, victory, and ultimate freedom that can be found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Each chapter is full of stories that will bring both laughter and tears and provide profound inspirational truths and insights into the power of God’s word and ultimately our identity in Christ. The reader will be provoked with questions and gently led through the prayers and affirmations at the end of each chapter so they can begin to pick up the broken pieces of their lives and claim their victory and personal freedom that is rightfully theirs.

Michelle Thielen is an activist, author, speaker, and founder of YogaFaith. Through her own struggles of losing everything, battling addictions and depression, Michelle shares the message of hope found only in Christ. Michelle is a passionate leader who loves to equip others to live their most abundant life.


“God will take your greatest mess, turn it into your most profound  message and use it all for His glory!” 





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