YogaFaith Sermon on the Mat with Michelle Thielen


This is an important message that is close to my heart, so much so, that I want you to hear it even if you can’t make the live call. This call is recorded.  Within the call there will be a code that allows you a continued education credit for those who would like it.

The [pre-recorded] call includes space for any Q&A such as;

  • Why the Sermon on the Mount is Jesus’ most famous teaching
  • Why it has never been so relevant than today
  • Explore the numerous times Jesus addresses worry, anxiety and fear
  • Be REignited to shine bright once again and become pure salt that assists in preservation and not decay
  • How to be a part of an exciting move of God
  • Becoming a YogaFaith Ambassador
  • Receive a FREE continued education credit! (Coupon code in the call)
  • One blessed caller will win a spot at April 2020 Leadership Summit in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona! (live caller only)
  • To listen, do not purchase this: Listen to audio only at SOUNCLOUD HERE 

Or view the video on YouTube HERE

(Continued Education Credit is the paid product Certificate of Completion)