This is for the 800-hour Certified YogaFaith Yoga Therapist to become a 1000-hour Certified YF Yoga Therapist.

  1. Select the programs that you have completed (purchase the additional 200 hours to complete your 1000-hour certification).
    1. You will see the designated hours next to each one: Example Yin 50 (50 hours Yin Certification)
  2. Each program is $200 (ends 12/31/2022), shipping will be added at checkout for diploma.
  3. Allow 7-10 business days to verify completion and current certification of each applied program.
    1. After the verification process, you’ll then receive the material needed to upgrade your 800-hour certification to 1000-hour certification.
  4. Upon completion, your 1000-hour diploma will be mailed to you.

Please note, the certification is one thousand hours, anything over the allocated amount will not be counted beyond 1000.