This 10-page PDF is an introduction to the tonal sounds and frequencies I often use when teaching yoga or yoga therapy.

Inside you’ll find information on:

  • Gregorian Chants
  • Solfeggio frequencies
  • The Healing Frequency Project; WHOLETONES, and
  • The visible representations of vibrational sound (Cymatics)
  • A suggested “How to Include in a Yoga Practice”
  • Tonal Sound Therapy working with the Vagus Nerve, Energy Centers, and Chakras
  • Affirmations for each energy center
  • Breathwork Practice, Tonal Sounds Breathwork

This is a great complementary resource to my Somatic Adventures, Dance and Embodiment, and Sozo and Somatics Classes and Trainings.

Your PDF is an immediate download and hyperlinked to your receipt-enjoy!