CLASS OUTLINE:    YF TSYF Class; Brain & Heart, Psoas and Spirit

We hope you can attend one of our Trauma Sensitive Trainings, however, we encourage you to get trauma informed wherever you can.

By His stripes we are healed. The power of Christ and specific forms can bring about many miracles and healing. Our training encourages forms that others say to avoid. We also explore the power of touch, as we are anointed to heal the broken hearted and set captives free. We carry healing in our hands. Others would tell you to avoid this. Listen to your heart and the Spirit at all times. This outline will not teach you how to teach Trauma Sensitive Yoga. If you are already teaching TSY or TSYF, plan to become certified in TSYF or TSY, or looking for a new class, this outline will be a great addition.

There are many avenues one can go with becoming trauma informed.

100% of your students have trauma, so it’s a great idea to teach inclusively and informed.

We hope you enjoy this class.