This is a special opportunity to dive deeper yet into YogaFaith’s Master Immersion!
This immersion homecoming is a re-audit and available to anyone who has previously completed a 300-hour immersion to come back and experience the deep fellowship with God and others that can only happen at immersion! You can re-audit immersion for 60% OFF the normal immersion price.
This product is only available if the immersion is not at capacity (the cart will not allow you to purchase if there are no more space).


  • This purchase includes a new certificate if you attend each session
  • Covers one hundred hours of continued education hours that can be used with various organizations
    • Any YogaFaith expired certificate(s) can be renewed with these hours
  • No discounts can be applied to re-audit, including if you are unable to attend all sessions.
If you’re interested in returning to our 200 hour immersion, see here.