YogaFaith Yin Module Only for Distant Training



  • Do not purchase this product if you are purchasing the hands-on immersion, the immersion comes with the distant portion.
  • This product does not include the hands on training.

This Product Includes

  • YogaFaith Yin Guide, a 4 week distant study with discussion online calls.
  • 4 Calls [Previously Recorded June 2018]
  • His Breath, Pranayama for the Christian Yogi, A Publication of YogaFaith [Instant PDF Download]
  • Habits of Grace, David Mathis [Instant PDF Download]
  • If you are only doing the online portion only, you will receive your Registered YogaFaith Yin Trainer Certification, R-YFYT after 6/13 completion.
  • See details for the Hands-on immersion here
  • 15 Non Contact Hours are provided for Continued Education
  • Required Textbooks, SEE HERE