Specialty Christian Yoga Training’s

YogaFaith is committed to providing ongoing Christian Yoga, continuing education opportunities to expand your knowledge. Chose from  Trauma Sensitive, 12 Step, Yin Yoga, Children’s, Adaptive, and Meditation / Nidra. Specialty training’s are open to everyone, no previous training is required. Pick one or more as an elective towards your Yoga Alliance Certification.

Trauma Sensitive Christian Yoga Program

At the heart of YogaFaith’s ministry is the rescue and restoration of human traffic survivors of all ages. We also minister and aid other trauma victims such as PTSD, C-PTSD, Domestic Violence victims, Complex Trauma, Military, Orphan and Refugee survivors . In this training you will become an expert in Trauma Sensitive YogaFaith and learn to listen as the Holy Spirit guides. Dive deep into numerous healing therapies with a focus on YogaFaith Nidra (Christ centered Nidra, 63 pages of Scripts are included. Bringing Christ and Christian Yoga into the center of Trauma, brings true healing and transformation on every level to these survivors. Learn how to connect the fragmented pieces of disassociation and brokenness in your own life and those you will soon be serving.

You will leave equipped and empowered to reach trauma victims and in turn help them become survivors with purpose through these vital teachings. You will also have the ability to teach both TSY and TSYF.

  • Receive R-TSYF Certification
  • Eligible to Register with the Christian Yoga Association
  • Continued Education Credits Provided: 45-70 contact hours
    • We are completing the 4 to 5 day model in 2019. TSYF will be 6 days and approximately 70 contact hours
    • Elective hours fulfilled for Yoga Alliance if attended a Miracle Immersion
  • Online Only: 20 Non Contact Hours (Certificates only provided at a hands on immersion due to nature of subjects)
  • A global community of YogaFaith brothers and sisters
  • Also a  more intimate group specific to your journey
  • Continued mentorship and support forever
  • Previous training a bonus, not required
  • Start anywhere at anytime, purchase TSYF Module One Here
  • All are welcome

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Upcoming Trauma Sensitive YF Trainings

Tacoma, Wa October 20th-24th 2019
June 2019 Texas
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YogaFaith Christian Yoga 12 Step and Recovery Program

Registered YogaFaith 12-Step, YF12S
This program consists of two parts; Part One online/distantly, and Part Two consists of the hands-on training.

We dive into the nature of Addiction:

  • Receive R-YF12R Certification
  • The brain – neuroscience and understanding the addictive process
  • The 12 Step Path based on the original 12 Steps of AA and bringing God front and center.
  • Yoga for All A’s: Chemical Addictions, Obsession, and Eating Disorders
  • Trauma and healing
  • How to hold space for those in recovery
  • How to lead a yoga class/12 step meeting
  • Eating Disorders and Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD
  • Self image, love and affirmations
  • 20 hours of Continued Education Credits Provided
  • May begin anytime, includes prerecorded calls
  • Once you begin we immediately plug you into our 12 Step Group, you will never be alone.

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Upcoming 12 Step and Recovery

Personal Journey with Michelle Thielen 2018-2019
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YogaFaith Christian Yoga Yin Yoga Program

Registered YogaFaith Yin Trainer, R-YFYT

  • Lead Trainers Paul Grilley, Michelle Thielen and Hope Henry
  • Explore Energy, Meridians, Fascia, Muscular and Skeletal systems.
  • Understand the Holy Spirit as deep, life giving, life Source
  • Learn how to make more “Mary” choices in a Martha world
  • Drown out every distraction and storm while learning how to bask in God’s presence
  • Learn personal time balance and the important of getting still before your Creator
  • Explore the powerful and healing effects on the mind, body, spirit and soul that Yin has.
  • Receive R-YFYT Certification
  • Receive Continued Education Credits, 20 Non Contact Hours
  • Connect to an intimate group for the journey as well as your global YogaFaith family
  • Designed as a 4 week training, go at your own pace.
  • Start anywhere, anytime.
  • No Experience necessary.
  • No application needed.
  • No time limit.
  • All are welcome.
  • Become a Certified Yin Trainer in one month or less!

Upcoming Yin Yoga

Yin Module + 4 Calls

YogaFaith Christian Yoga Meditation & Nidra Program

Registered YogaFaith Meditation & Nidra Trainer, R-YFMN

  • Learn how to redeem the biblical principle of meditation
  • Explore Meditation and Nidra effects in relation to complex trauma
  • Learn personal time balance and the important of getting still before your Creator
  • Receive R-YFMN Certification
  • Receive Continued Education Credits 20 contact hours and 20 Non Contact Hours
  • Connect to an intimate group for the journey as well as your global YogaFaith family
  • Start anytime and go at your own pace
  • May begin anytime and connect to a private and intimate group
  • No experience necessary
  • No application required
  • All are welcome!

Upcoming Meditation & Nidra Training

Meditation and Nidra Module + Calls

Christian Yoga Adaptive Program

Registered Adaptive YogaFaith  Trainer, R-AYF

  • Explore every body type that exists. Each week focuses on larger bodies, pre/post surgery, pre/post natal, limb deficiency, amputee, prosthesis, foreign objects within the body, and more
  • Learn how to hold space for any and everybody
  • Explore God-confidence for yourself as well as empowering others
  • Receive R-AYF Certification
  • Receive Continued Education Credits 20 non contact hours online only
  • Connect to an intimate group for the journey as well as your global YogaFaith family
  • Designed as a 4 week course, go at your own pace-no time limit
  • No application needed
  • No experience necessary, all are welcome
  • Current Registered YogaFaith Trainer, R-YFT, or Militray, receive 10% discount
  • All are welcome

Upcoming Adaptive YTT

Online + Group

YogaFaith Christian Yoga Children’s Ministry

Registered YogaFaith Children’s Trainer, R-YFCT
YogaFaith Kids is a Christ-centered training program created with kids and kids at heart in mind.

Learn online anytime here!

  • Receive R-YFCT Certification
  • Receive Continued Education Credits 35 Non Contact Hours
  • Children are natural yogis, you will learn hot to teach them a Christ centered tool to find strength, focus, balance and calm
  • Children with special needs such as Autism and ADHD are focused on
  • Breath work and healthy habits are explored, such as having fun with healthy food
  • Each week explores on themes, activities and class outline
  • Training also focuses on Trauma, Autism and special needs
  • Connect to an intimate group for the journey as well as your global YogaFaith family
  • No experience necessary
  • No application required
  • All are welcome

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Upcoming Children’s Ministry


YogaFaith Christian Yoga Prison Ministry

Registered YogaFaith Prison Ministry

  • Receive R-YFPM Certification
  • Continued Education Credits Provided 20 Non Contact Hours
  • Learn to teach yoga in prison and detention centers
  • Explore trauma and addiction vortex explored
  • Where and how to begin
  • A private group to journey with for intimacy
  • YF Instructor page for your global family
  • Experience is a bonus but not required
  • No application required
  • No experience necessary
  • All are welcome

YogaFaith Prison Ministry Facebook Page

Upcoming Prison Ministry

Online Certification + Group