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Specialty Training Modules and Courses are a great way to obtain continuing education credits and to focus on a specific area of study or ministry. Once you join a Course, you will travel with others on the same journey in your private group created for commUNITY.

A Hands-On immersion is optional, as well as life changing! You will meet like-minded brothers and sisters from around the world. This is also where you gain contact hours, continued education credits and your Specialty Certification. If only doing the online course, you will receive a Distant Certification in this area of study.
Specialty Trainings

Trauma Sensitive YF Modules

YogaFaith Yin Module

YogaFaith Leadership 2018-2019

YogaFaith 12 Step and Recovery Module

YogaFaith’s Children Ministry and Certification Module

YogaFaith Meditation and Nidra Module

Adaptive YogaFaith Module

YogaFaith Prison Ministry, YF Behind Bars Module