I cannot express how grateful I am that you listened to God’s prodding to start Yoga Faith 9 years ago. I went to the St. Pete immersion thinking the main focus was yoga and to be surrounded by other believers. But it truly was Jesus first and yoga second. His presence overwhelmed that room, His presence spilled out to the corridors and His presence shone through the light in each and every person there.  There was no ego, no power plays, no past hurts to completely take away His presence. There was joy, hope and the fullness of His spirit. I heard His voice often. I liken this experience to being equipped with armor to fight the battles ahead of us. Yes, we are armed with yoga but we are more importantly being armed with His word taking up greater space in our hearts. I love you Michelle for using your gifts for His kingdom and I look forward to doing the same.

Roxana, R-YFT 200

YogaFaith Graduate 2022

I was so incredibly impressed with my immersion training! The trainers, curriculum, and faith element blew me away – I did not expect the depth of faith and Scripture that I experienced in our immersion. Everything about it was so beautifully executed, with excellence, love, and grace. I hope I get a chance to do another one sometime. Thank you to Michelle and your incredible team for providing this avenue of healing for so many. God is very present in it and glorified through it all!

Elizabeth S., R-YFT 200

YogaFaith Graduate 2023

Words cannot describe my gratitude and thankfulness for this 200 hour virtual training. Every word, every moment and every breath made this so special. You love people like Jesus by making people feel so special and just continue to give of yourselves. Thank you for creating a safe and sacred space and a holy atmosphere where Satan could not penetrate. My life is forever changed and I have so much gratitude in my heart for all of you.

Marla M., R-YFT 200 hour

YogaFaith Graduate 2022

Thank you so much for this virtual immersion. This was the most awesome, wonderful, powerful, healing experience I have ever had. Your team and staff have been so helpful and encouraging and I am just blown away by this entire experience. I have truly been transformed by this training!

Amanda C. R-YFT 200

YogaFaith Graduate June, 2022

I was blown away by my immersion experience. Learning to teach others to ground and heal through the power of Christ + Yoga! I know I ve found my purpose and it feels amazing. Thank you YogaFaith for your obedience to God and for creating such a wonderful and thorough program. I feel like I belong and I am so grateful!

Amy Cunningham, R-YFT 200

YogaFaith Asheville 2022 Graduate

YogaFaith is such a blessing to so many people. For me it’s been so much more than yoga poses but the spiritual transformation. Michelle and Derek have a heart of gold following God with passion and helping others find their passion and purpose in life while empowering their hearts desire with great truths of life. Their teachings are spot on to the word of God. For it truly is all about our relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The teachings are all to direct our steps to find this true union with our creator. Life Changing Lessons.

Shannon Doa Henshaw, R-YFMT 500
YogaFaith Graduate 2018

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to use this as a season of opportunity and to continue my education and practice yoga. I was searching for a yoga certification that was Christian based. After much searching and surfing the internet, I was disenchanted with what was out there until I found YogaFaith. Since my life has been centered around Christ and his teachings, I needed a certification that was Christ centered and would be able to help me bring others to know and love Him and how He wonderfully weaves our brokenness into wholeness.

Michelle Thielen and all the Master Instructors at YogaFaith helped me in developing my skills and witnessed how the Holy Spirit worked and weaved my every being; transforming my professional life, my spiritual life and my personal life as a woman, wife, mother and more importantly brought me closer to the Lord.

I started my yoga journey back in 2005 when I became a Master Personal Trainer from NASM. After completing my R-200 YTT through LifePower Yoga I dabbled here and there not being able to find my Why. YogaFaith addressed my Why. In July 2021 I completed the YogaFaith Masters R-500 YFMT/Level 1 Yoga Therapy and YogaFaith Meeting of Ancient Pathways. Currently I am finishing the 12 Step and Recovery, and Trauma Sensitive certifications. My husband and I founded You & Me Fitness Together and You & Me Yoga Together in 2020. The journey continues and I am most grateful to God for teaching me to listen; I am humbled and look forward to serving others.

Andrea T. Attivissimo / R-YFMT-500, Level 1 Yoga Therapy

YogaFaith Graduate, Long Island, NY

As a certified yoga teacher with 10 years’ experience I elected to earn my RYT 200-hour thorough YogaFaith before attending the 300/500 hour Masters level training. It was the best decision I have made regarding my Yoga teacher education and personal life. Not only do I have a well-rounded, but deeper knowledge of yoga philosophy also based on Biblical principles, the care that has gone into each individual’s life as a student of YogaFaith has been simply beyond anything I could have imagined. This training has led to a Holy Spirit revolution in my life and that has given me so many opportunities to bless others through Christian yoga. The education, community, and professional growth has been amazing. If you are considering Yoga teacher training, please consider YogaFaith, it will change your life, and those around you in the best way possible.

Colleen Smallwood, R-YFMT 500

YogaFaith Master Graduate 2018

I walked away knowing how to redeem the things that people use for therapy to glorify God through these very specific techniques. He created all of it and I love that YogaFaith does not shy away from the complex subject matters and philosophies. One of my favorite parts about Masters, and I have many, is the YogaFaith Sutras, it’s the Sutras from a Christ lens. Every chapter of the Sutras redeemed with scripture and the Lord. It’s a WOW and life changing journey, my words do no justice!

Catherine B., Tucson, AZ, R-YFMT, R-TSYF, YF 12SR

I can’t begin to tell you guys how AMAZING this entire experience itself is to be part of yoga Faith…but it is going to change the world!! The healing I personally have experienced is more than contagious!!! This ministry has to be taken into this world. It is one of the greatest vessels today. It has changed my adult life more than anything I have experienced.

Tara Avery

Immersion was one of the best experiences of my life! To be able to combine two of my favorite passions, Faith & yoga, while being surrounded by Sisters in Christ was a HUGE blessing from The Lord! Michelle & her staff were EXCELLENT IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE! I can’t wait to get started teaching & furthering my education with more YF courses. I feel as though I can’t get enough!!

Body, Mind, & Soul
Kim Bernlohr

“YogaFaith is incredible and Michelle is so amazing! You will be blessed by YogaFaith, it is completely refreshing and The Healthy Edge is 100% on board with what is going on with YogaFaith and you are in great hands with Michelle, WOW, she is incredible! The most spiritually grounded person I know and the postures….whoa!”

Amber Thiel, YOGAFAITH Nutrition & Health Instructor, Founder of The Healthy Edge

YogaFaith and Michelle have truly been a blessing in my life. YogaFaith has allowed me to go deeper with Christ and surrender my inner most being which has made me a more open person as a whole. My husband thanks me for going through the program as I am changed. Transformed.

Chere J., Seattle, WA, R-YFT

YogaFatih allows much needed times of stillness to simply come down to my mat and completely surrender and worship, letting go of any anxiety, fear, or anything else that holds us back from God’s glorious life.

Tama F., YOGAFAITH Instructor, Redmond, WA

“Wouldn’t recommend any other Christian Yoga school. YogaFaith is not only remarkable in training yoga teachers, it’s a place where you experience the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. Like they say at YogaFaith, Jesus first, yoga second!”

-Sarah C., R-YFT, RYT

“YOGAFAITH is an excellent yoga training for anyone wishing to become a yoga teacher. Its modules are detailed giving students in-depth knowledge in every aspect of each intended concept. The modules include fantastic diagrams and photos so students can be certain to learn correctly. The immersion is the most loving, caring, and intense time for which one could ever hope. Long days are spent with teachers who are very, very experienced. Every question is answered. Every yoga style is demonstrated. Every student gets to participate. You get to teach and learn, and teach and learn, and teach and learn – It is amazing! YogaFaith was filled with the love of the Lord. It was Bible scripture and yoga practice. Taking care of your body, breathing into His word, and giving to others are all Jesus first ideas that are ‘united’ with yoga. Always set your intention by putting Jesus first. The modules deepened my knowledge of scripture with the inclusion of the many scriptures spread throughout. During the immersion, the teachers used many stories of God’s word in their yoga flows. Each was an individual Bible study. I have the new knowledge of teaching yoga, but I also have the knowledge of spreading God’s word through the teaching of yoga.

The YogaFaith training was one of the best experiences I have had in my life!”

-Cheryl H, R-YFT, RYT, Grand Lake, CO

“This teacher training program was a life transforming experience, specifically in the practice of yoga and more broadly in my life as one following Christ. Truly a beautiful experience!”

-Paul R., RYT, R-YFT, Athens, OH

“Michelle is amazing! Professional, efficient, AND intimately encircled in every detail of our training. She is a gifted communicator & writer. Not only did we benefit from her phenomenal yoga practice but her incredible spiritual wisdom. I want to read and re-read the modules. They are chuck full of spiritual insight and will continue to be my yoga road map. I came home with sore cheeks from laughing so hard and red eyes from weeping in response to all God was doing to stretch and grow me. I went to the heavenlies but came home lookin’ like hell!!”

Sarah A., R-YFT, RYT, Yakima, WA

“During my time at my YogaFaith Immersion, God made things clear and answered prayers for me that I have been unclear about for about 15 years! If you attend this school, be prepared to learn what is required to teach yoga, but even more, be prepared for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual breakdowns, remembering that a breakthrough always comes after a breakdown! Anything can (and does) happen when God’s hand is upon it. Go with an open heart and be ready for a transformation. I have no words to describe how fantastic this school is!”

-Julia Marrocco, R-YFT, RYT, YF-A, Portland, OR

“Coverage of the material was thorough, and although it was very challenging all course content was presented in an easy to understand manner. I really left the training with confidence I needed to become a 200RYT! Wow!! Again, what an incredible experience, so glad that i began my journey as a yoga instructor at this amazing school. Namaste.”

-Bill Austin, RYT, R-YFT, Chicago, IL

“I can’t express how much I enjoyed my training with YogaFaith. The location was beautiful. Michelle and all the instructors were so attentive to any and all questions I had. They’ll forever be mentors that I know will be here for me. Sharing this experience with such kind hearted, like minded, kindred spirits and fellow yogis made it even more special for me. Ultimately, I am lot closer to Christ after this experience. My confidence as a person and in Him has grown leaps and bounds. I am equipped to be bold in my walk. YogaFaith has so much to do with that. For that I’m grateful. I intend to spread the message of YogaFaith everywhere I go.”

Ashlynn Verrett, YF-A, RYT, R-YFT, Louisiana

“I really, really enjoyed this training with YogaFaith. I feel my life is changed, my heart is changed and my yoga is changed… all wonderfully new! I really am almost out of words of praise for this experience. How Michelle pulled this all together is commendable. So much research between the Bible and yoga teachings – really gave me a solid base to move forward combining my faith with my classes. I don’t think I could have done it without her. The desire was there, but I didn’t know how to bring this out confidently. Now I do. And, to get my 200RYT also – is a dream come true. I have tried for so many years to finish my trainings, but it never worked out. Now, I know that God wanted me to wait to find.

YogaFaith. It was perfect for me and I couldn’t imagine taking my 200RYT at any other school.”

-Carrie M., R-YFT, RYT, Evanston, WY.

“The yoga certification training experience with YogaFaith was focused, intense, demanding, and rewarding. The learning and depth of the course content exceeded my expectations — for each category of the syllabus we had written material and exercises; and all the practical application was delivered by a variety of experience professionals to add to the learning from multiple people. Most excellent experience! Michelle Thielen, founder, is dedicated to the training and her students — her energy comes through the material/immersion and is contagious among all participants.”

Kathleen K., RYT-R-YFT, Chicago, IL

“I absolutely LOVED my time at YogaFaith teacher training. It was beyond my expectation and gave me the confidence to go out and teach right away. The teachers were amazing and encouraging and I learned a lot from my fellow students as well. It was life changing in the best way- making me hopeful for the future and of course fall even more in love with yoga and with people.”

-Denise Kelly, R-YFT, RYT, YF-A, Chehalis, WA

“The Miracle Retreat brought me freedom. Surrendering my body, mind, and spirit throughout the 6-day retreat opened my heart and allowed me to put my prayers before God in a more fulfilling manner. I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for several years, but until I experienced YogaFaith there was always something missing from my practice. I am so grateful to have found YogaFaith during this season of my life and cannot imagine training to become an instructor any other way. How unfulfilled I would feel, if we just focused on yoga and “the Self.” I feel so blessed to have shared body, mind, and spirit with all the ladies of the retreat.”

-Sarah Fazio, Registered YogaFaith Trainer, R-YFT & RYT, Ohio

“Where do I begin? God has set me free from so many lies and He has shown me such a beautiful vision for sharing healing and wellness with the nations!”

-Aleida Booker, Tacoma, WA

“YogaFaith teaches a transparent RYT 200 hr program. The scholarship and dedication of founder Michelle Thielen is unprecedented. She invests in your success, your developing clarity of vision and the application of becoming a God driven- ‘change the world’-impact your students Yoga Teacher! Your heart, and yoga tool box will be overflowing with all you have to offer. You will be ready, and you will have mentors for life cheering, praying and supporting. Show up – and prepare to have your world rocked- you are so worth this experience!

Yoga means union or to yoke – to be in union with the maker of earth and humanity and to yoke ones body to His word and His worship – prayer in motion, is a beautiful perfect expression of becoming a Yoga teacher. YogaFaith shows up, Jesus shows up, even heavenly peers and new friends show up – come as you are! The greatest calling of my life thus far and I intend to listen!

You will not be disappointed!”

-Sarah W., R-YFT, RYT Seattle, WA

“Would highly recommend this for anyone that has a passion for Christ and Yoga. One of the best experiences of my life! Wonderful teachers that love Christ, Yoga and service to others.”

-Kim M., R-YFT, RYT, Georgia, USA

“The YogaFaith retreat is an outstanding opportunity to renew and reflect. The course offerings are varied which gives the aspiring yogi a place to learn, grow, and deepen their understanding of a physical, emotional, and spiritual yoga practice. A place where all beliefs are embraced, but offering a unique and Christ centered approach to yoga that is uniquely spiritual and vastly supportive of each yogi’s perspective. The camps surroundings are beautiful and serene which compliment the introspective nature of yoga faith.

A refreshing approach to yoga training. After completing an intensive Iyengar 200 hour teacher training program I was looking for a program that would compliment my commitment to posture and alignment but would consider the mind and the spirit as equals in a yoga training. Yoga Faith’s book is a comprehensive guide to a mind, body, and spirit connection that honors a commitment to Christ. Michelle incorporates many yoga philosophies without compromising Christian beliefs and honors the yoga tradition by connecting the century old traditions of yoga with a 2000 year old Biblical worldview. She is able to successfully integrate a mind, body, and spirit tradition of yoga fused with Christianity.”

-DiAnne B., RYT, R-YFT

“The training was much broader and fulfilling than I anticipated. In the end, it helped to develop not only my practice but my self – both personally and spiritually.”

-Nancy Kantz, R-YFT, RYT

“After completing my training I have a sense of confidence in what I learned and an understanding of the responsibility that comes with the privilege of teaching yoga. I gained a community of of sisters who went through training with me that I will always be bonded with.”

-Leanne W., R-YFT, RYT, San Diego, CA

“YogaFaith’s motto is Jesus First-Yoga Second and that is exactly what we experienced at out Miracle Immersion. Michelle did a fantastic job of keeping us on track, on schedule, and infusing a crazy amount of learning into our time together. The whole time we knew that Jesus was first in her life and in our training. YogaFaith’s curriculum is extremely thorough! There was never a question or a circumstance where I felt out of place, they made us feel like we were exactly where we needed to be and answered everything from years of experience. I believe Miracle Ranch and YogaFaith was in God’s timing for me and He hooked me up, right where He wanted me. Thank you YogaFaith for being true to your mission and to us, your new yogis.”

-Belinda Wilkenson, R-YFT, RYT, Yakima, WA

“I highly recommend YOGAFAITH training without reservation. I cannot put into words what this course will do for you personally, spiritually, and professionally.”

-Holly N., R-YFT, RYT, Atlanta, GA

“YogaFaith is bridging the gap for so many yogis. I’ve had so many friends tell me they had no idea that they could find a Christ-centered practice and they’re so excited to learn more. This is not to say that I would not feel equally confident teaching a secular class after participating in this program. I think the best part is teachers leave the program with a genuine love of the practice and their students.”

-Meghan M., WA, USA