Nurturing the Creative Spirit Within: Kintsugi of the Soul, edition 1  by Jody Thomae

Our first edition of Kintsugi of the Soul features Two Blind Brothers, two brothers who have created a clothing line based primarily on the sense of touch.

Watch below how these two men can say with confidence: Visual impairment has given more to us than it’s taken away. There are several amazing things about this redemptive story:

  • 1) they use their “impairment” as an impetus for their clothing line
  • 2) 100% of their company profits go back into research to find a cure
  • 3) their clothing is “manufactured” at Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind

Their entire mission is based in HOPE, and they give us this wisdom:

Your greatest challenge IS your greatest gift. [see TEDTalk]

Folks, THAT right there is REDEMPTION!!! We serve a God who can redeem ALL THINGS!! Everything we have faced, we currently face, or will ever face can be returned, redeemed and restored! AMEN! Until next week… Blessings of artistry, creativity & trUe BEaUty!

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The Kintsugi of the Soul project celebrates the release of The Creator’s Healing Power—Restoring the Broken to Beautiful and seeks to share creative resources, personal testimonies and redemptive stories aimed at healing, restoration and wholeness. Pictured above, kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with a 

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