You may be familiar with this image. I have always loved this image and purchased a metal wall hanging years ago.

“Hearing the Master’s Voice” is the title of what was originally a canvas painting of a dog named Nipper, listening to a wind-up gramophone. In the original painting, the dog was listening to a cylinder phonograph.

This image resonates with me because, as you may know, I love the innocence and purity of animals. “Nipper” is sweetly and [very] attentively listening to whatever is coming, or perhaps, about to come forth from the gramophone.
It reminds me to do the same.

First, maybe the most difficult sit. Second, to ‘tune my ear’ to what the Master has to say. Or simply sit still until something does come forth. We are encouraging everyone to sit in the stillness of the Master to simply listen with attuned ears. No wish lists. Just listen. Join us July 1 and 2 as we hush our spirit, be still, to hear the Master’s voice. 

We are putting out a fleece. To hush the spirit. Calm the mind. Still the thoughts and hearts, to attune our ears to the Master’s Voice! If you’d like to share your experience you could  pick up some very cool prizes,

  • 2 days only, July 1 and 2 simply share a posture of prayer, one that you get still in
  • 3 winners will be chosen on July 3rd from their 7/1 and 7/2 posts. Use tags-all 3; #yogafaith #bestill and #HearingTheMastersVoice
  • Tag 5 friends [the more tags the more entries]
  1. The Be Still Package is first prize, most tags in 2 days [Be Still Metallic Rose Quartz Journal, Be Still Praying in Color book, YogaFaith Be Still Tank and your choice of Mala Prayer Beads from Kelly McLellan of Getting Still-$150 value
  2. Getting Still Prayer Beads or Be Still Tank, your choice
  3. Getting Still Prayer Beads or Be Still Tank, your choice

Join us! July 1st and 2nd, tag #yogafaith #bestill and #HearingTheMastersVoice.

Then watch Him show off! BOOM on July 4th! Celebrate all that He speaks during your stillness and practicing His Presence!