Registered YogaFaith Children’s Teacher

Do you have a heart for the next generation? Do you desire our children to fall in love with Jesus? Help us put Christ back in the center of our schools and nation! Become a Registered YogaFaith Children’s Trainer Today.

Price: $499

Dates:  Start Anytime!
  • This training is a distant learning certification with a minimum of 30 hours of continued education credits provided.
  • Includes Four Children’s Modules. Each Module has a Webinar that follows the curriculum. It has been designed as a Four Week Program, but you may go at your own pace for this Distant Certification.
  • Includes one (60 to 90 minute) call per module with a bonus call to conclude your journey.

Contact Information

Contact Person: YogaFaith
By email: teachertr[email protected]
Subject: Yoga Faith Children’s
By Phone: (888)359-2006

Additional Information:

YogaFaith Kids is a Christ-centered training program created with kids and kids at heart in mind.

Yoga is a the most unique physical activity because it encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. Among the innumerable physical benefits, specific to children yoga develops awareness, healthy body image and confidence, balance, concentration, focus, and discipline.

Registered Participants will receive all four modules including reading assignments, video links and handouts. YogaFaith Kids is an online curriculum that includes five pre-recorded webinars with Lead Trainer Michelle Thielen and other YF Children’s Trainers. The modules can be done on a weekly basis in 4 weeks or less, or you may simply do them at your pace.

A 30 minute well-rounded demonstration, or Final, of you teaching YogaFaith Kids is needed for completion and graduation. Upon completion you will receive your Registered YogaFaith Children’s Certification, R-YFCT, and have the ability to instruct an individual or group of students of all various ages. You will gain many tools to become a God-confident instructor as well as receive Continued Education Credits.

  • Week One | Module One
  • Week Two | Module Two
  • Week Three | Module Three
  • Week Four | Module Four
  • Bonus Fifth Week | Conclusion and Next Steps/How to Begin
  • Supplemental Handouts
  • Numerous webinars to ensure applied knowledge
  • Booklet of Class Samples and Outlines
  • Bonus Materials “Extra Gift” included

Designed for Four Weeks but you may go at your own pace.

Week One | Module One
Week Two | Module Two
Week Three | Module Three
Week Four | Module Four

Week Five | Bonus Call; Conclusion and Next Steps

This training is for anyone who would like to help us put Christ back in the center of our schools and nation!

Our training also focus on special need children throughout each Module.


Mindfulness for Kids
Dr. Nicola Kluge

Creative Yoga for Children
Adrienne Rawlinson

Yoga for Children
Lisa Flynn

Yoga Pretzels (Yoga Cards for Kids)
Tara Guber

Stretching Your Faith, Michelle Thielen

Stretching Your Faith, Michelle Thielen

Yoga Therapy for Children
Louise Goldberg

Recommended, Not Required

Sleepy Little Yoga
Whitford & Selway

Psalms for Young Children
Marie-Helene Delval

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