+Human Trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world

+More than 27 million people in bondage around the globe

+1-2% of victims are ever released

+Average age of a victim is 12

+Since 2009, trafficking has grossed more than NIKE, Starbucks and Google combined

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YogaFaith has had the honor and privilege to share Jesus and yoga to traffick survivors for several years now. There is no greater joy than to share hope and healing to these precious souls!  Through Christ and Christian Yoga, trauma is surrendered and healing takes place. Those that experience trauma, experience depression and hopelessness, but I want to share that there is hope, His name is Jesus! Yes, you can redeem your body. mind, spirit and soul through YogaFaith!

Trauma, defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary is a disordered psychic or behavioral state resulting from severe mental or emotional stress or physical injury. Because trauma causes actual changes in the brain, a trauma sensitive yoga practice must reconnect the brain, breath, physical body and one’s spirit back together. When one experiences a traumatic event, their can be severe damage done to the insula, the section of the brain that regulates emotion and works in assisting motor control function. When trauma is experienced the body goes into “fight or flight” mode, automatically protecting itself. When insula damage exists, one no longer has the ability to experience or express what the physical body is doing. Therefore it may be impossible to express joy, love or even sadness. This is why traumatized individuals experience isolation or feel lost, disoriented and fall into depression because they become separate from their body, or their body becomes their own demise.

Many physical, mental and emotional issues arise from trauma. Those who suffer from a traumatizing experience may become paralyzed in self hate, shame, guilt, depression, or severe spikes in behavior. Overreacting to situations or a lack of reaction is a normal function to those who have experienced trauma. A host of physical ailments can arise as well such as insomnia, migraines, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, extreme depression, digestion and joint issues as well as many other limitations.

A victim of trauma often isolates themselves which is why yoga can provide an opportunity to enter into a safe community of caring people. A trauma sensitive yoga practice needs to encourage safe connections with other people but also reconnect their body, mind and spirit so traumatized individuals can begin to make peace with themselves and learn to trust others.

In YogaFaith we invite The Lord to come into these broken, abused and dead places, to breathe His Holy Spirit into every fiber of one’s being to restore, redeem and reclaim hope and healing.

I have taught YogaFaith to human traffick survivors for four years now. The most wonderful moments of my entire life have been to see young traffic survivors surrender the ashes of their trauma and literally watch with my own eyes the transforming power of Christ turn these ashes into something so beautiful. To hear the laughter, see the joy on the faces of those who were once enslaved by bondage and darkness now receive life and love through Jesus and yoga, there is nothing more beautiful.

Eight years ago I became an ambassador for Shared Hope International after learning that their were 5 year old little girls servicing up to 20 men a day. I made a personal vow that until I take my last breath I will do as much as I can to bring healing and restoration to these survivors. I have since traveled with other organizations and YogaFaithers to Bulgaria, Greece, Cambodia, Thailand and other parts of Asia sharing The Good News and YogaFaith with trauma and trafficked survivors. There is no greater joy for me than to share hope and healing! Recently a local Seattle organization who rescue women spoke at our Teacher Training. Our gals generously raised $500 for them, one small opportunity, we came together in a few moments to bless this one organization. We might not be able to do everything but together we can do something. It’s time to stop “navel gazing” and go beyond ourselves. We can make a difference in our world and we can save one life at a time!

Pray for these girls

YF Cambodia

In the large spectrum this epidemic is overwhelming and we may think that there is no way I can help. But YOU CAN HELP! Share with others the facts about human trafficking. Here are just a few in addition to the above bullet points.

+It’s all about supply and demand, clicking on any pornography promotes the whole industry

+Host a home meeting or outreach to raise awareness or hand out fliers

+Pray “prayer circles” around your city’s red light district (don’t forget the power of prayer)

+Pray for organizations that are on the forefront: Pray for strength, provision and safety

+Give financially or clothes, toiletries or other basic necessities that we have laying around our home

+Volunteer at a shelter to show survivors love and care (many are private & protected)

+Be cautious of any “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” that tries to lure your child away from family

+Know your child’s friends and other relationships. (It isn’t just boys who will take as long as a year to earn trust, they show up in places so one think’s it’s “destiny”)

+Trafficking is everywhere! Next door, in church, school, Starbucks, Forever 21, keep your eyes open!

+Never let a young child go alone to a public restroom, even with a buddy has proven to be irrelevant

+Human Trafficking is the fastest growing crime because with drugs, one uses a drug and it’s gone for good. But a human being can be used over and over again to reap bountiful profits

+Watch your child’s social media. Predators pose as “friends” or a girl to stock or lure children to places

+Be mindful of “checking in” on Facebook, predators are looking for patterns, again they can create a “Oh it must be destiny” scenario, as your child keeps seeing them at Starbucks

+Continue to get the facts and become educated, every nation is affected by trafficking

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