We followed Heide as she recently led a Son Salutation session.

Allow your prayers (in motion) to be absorbed into your life from both Son Salutation A; The Lord’s Prayer as well as Isaiah 61 for Son Salutation B.

Son Salutation here at YogaFaith are a time to really connect with the Lord, to worship wholly; mind, body, spirit and soul! As you move and breathe find your self flowing in His grace. Moving with your breath, the very breath that the Holy Spirit hovered over you and breathed into your nostrils! Set your intention on the One True Son, the Creator of the sun. Most yogis salute the sun in their sun salutations and that is their journey. Here, we salute, honor, worship and bow down to the Living God, Jesus Christ!


See here for your printer friendly prayer and Son salutation guides. There is even space for you to create your own prayer and flow!