What is Forest Bathing? Forest bathing can be thought of as Nature Therapy or Forest Therapy. “YogaFaith Forest Bathing” includes Christ at the center of this extraordinary practice, it’s a place where one can connect to nature and God’s creation for therapeutics that benefit the mind, body, and spirit.

Then all the trees of the forest will sing for joy. Psalm 96:12

We have a deep sense of rootlessness. We must be intentional about cultivating time and intimacy with Christ. Contemplative prayer for a Christian should be non-negotiable. Imagine Jesus going away in solitude, often on a mountain, to be alone and pray. How much more should you and I do this in our modern day?

God’s Divine Tree Bath Awaits You. In this booklet you’ll discover how deafening the decibels of our modern world is causing health issues including chronic anxiety and insomnia. If you could see the noise pollution with your own eyes, it would look like a garbage dump.

Together we will explore quieting the monkey body, which is an outward expression of the ‘monkey mind’. Learn the practical steps in beginning your Contemplative Forest Bath, starting with eight steps found in Nature Therapy, but with a Christian contemplative and meditation approach:

  1. Intention
  2. Threshold of Connection
  3. Embodied Awareness
  4. The Walk
  5. Infinite Possibilities
  6. Sit Spot
  7. Tea Ceremony
  8. Threshold of Incorporation


This product includes:

  1. The beautiful eBooklet: Soaking in God’s Creation, A Booklet to Help You Begin the Journey by Michelle A. Thielen…9 pages
  2. An easy print guide of the booklet [omits all imagery and covers] …7 pages
  3. A Meditation Journey. A Guided Forest Bathing Meditation Audio, Full Script, & Rootedness Bible Passages by Michelle A. Thielen…7 pages
    1. Your own script of Michelle Thielen’s Guided Meditation, LISTEN HERE + All the ‘Rootedness’ Bible Passages referenced [plus some additions]

Booklets are digital, available for immediate download and yours forever (there is nothing sent by mail)
















Because your access is immediate, there are no refunds for this bundle.

We hope you enjoy these steps to contemplation forest bathing for years to come!