Jan Winhall Revolutionizing Trauma and Addiction Treatment with Felt Sense Polyvagal Model

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You may be reading this because you are curious about fresh ways of  understanding trauma and addiction. There is in fact a better way to understand trauma and addiction. A way that honors the wisdom of the body while integrating the latest findings in neuroscience. A way that creates a new social movement of liberation away from being shamed and pathologized just for responding in ways that have not been appropriately understood. A way where we can respectfully understand addiction and treat trauma responses with deep embodied listening.

  • What: Michelle Thielen, C-IAYT, welcomes Jan Winhall, M.S.W. F.O.T., Author of Treating Trauma & Addiction with the Felt Sense Polyvagal Model.
  • When: Anytime.
    • This 90 minute training recording is open to anyone with or without experience who desires to learn more about trauma in the brain, body and spirit as well as the felt sense polyvagal model, with a focus on treatment towards addiction.
    • This is one of our donation-based continued education events.
    • You’ll receive the many resources that Jan speaks about in her presentation
      • Including the complete slide show and
      • Dr. Stephen Porges and Jan Winhall article from presentation
      • And more ~
    • This material will be referred to and enjoyed for many years.
    • Recording link is on your receipt and you’ll soon receive an email with the many resources
      • Because of the instant access there are no refunds


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When Jesus saw him lying there and learned that he had been in this condition for a long time, he asked him, “Do you want to get well?” John 5:6

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