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Stretching Your Faith embodies a holistic approach to worship. You will create the most intimate space possible with the Lord by putting into practice worship with your entire body and strength. This Spirit led guide will change your life.”

Frank Reed, Author of In God We Trust Dollars and Sense. Speaker and Coach, Bottomline Ministries

Sainbury’s Entertainment: Reader Review: What a beautiful journey these pages will lead you on! Wow. A gorgeous book also. Hundreds of photos and and almost 2 hours of video making yoga accessible to ALL bodies. Many ways to deepen and modify postures. I would definitely recommend this book. Learning how to worship with our whole being…there is nothing like this read!


Previous PRE-SALES: Thank you for your gift to help me launch the purposes of God. Let’s reclaim our healthy, wholeness, happiness and freedom  in Christ!

Stretching Your Faith is a spirit led blueprint to experience lasting transformation, whole worship and complete surrender. It is the practice of YogaFaith which is a profound, intimate experience that will draw you closer to the heart of God.


In no ambiguous terms, this book clearly puts Jesus and the word of God before the postures, while teaching you to use your whole body in worship, giving new meaning to the words “moving meditation”. After reading this book, I confidently practice yoga as a part of my spiritual growth and relationship with the Lord. 

– Leanne Winslow, President Cake Central Media Corporation, YogaFaith Ambassador

STRETCHING YOUR FAITH COVER-Dive deeper into Biblical principles for reclaiming health and wholeness

-Develop a joyous daily habit of spending time God

-Learn how to worship with your entire being. (Mark 12:30, Acts 17:28)

YogaFaith-Over 400 pages illustrated postures for practitioners of all levels. Anybody can practice these postures.

-A perfect manual for use in Teacher Training.

-Achieve lasting transformation and help others to do so also

-Discover your purpose by creating time and stillness to hear the voice of God

-Reclaim your joy, peace, freedom, balance and trust.

photo 4-Learn how to completely surrender past hurts, wounds and offenses.

-Align your self with God and what He says about you.

-Be encouraged by my testimony and walk away from insecurity, self doubt, depression, hopelessness, despair, discouragement and suicide.

-Develop your God-confidence confidence and live a life of purpose, passion and grace.

-Develop a strategy to “Crash the Chatterbox” and the lies of the enemy

-Learn to live a life outside yourself by helping others and activating justice in the world.

-Gain insight into the human trafficking epidemic and ways that you can help restore survivors.

Stretching Your Faith praises God in the stillness of prayer and in the active joy of movement. To be present with God and His word upon my yoga mat is a powerful promise of my breath and my heart’s willing to surrender to His Divine plan. Through this experience, there is no better way to see one’s self than in the resting space of God’s glory

-Sarah Willet, YogaFaith Ambassador

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