This course is approved through the International Yoga Association of Therapists, IAYT


  • See Required Textbooks and Curriculum HERE on right side of the page at “Required Reading”. You can click directly to order via Amazon. [not included with Module or Immersion Purchase]
  • Honoring the Body
  • What is Trauma Sensitive Yoga
  • The Body Keeps Score
  • Stretching Your Faith
  • My Heart for Survivors, Trauma Sensitive YogaFaith abroad
  • YogaFaith for Trauma & Traffick Survivors
  • Trauma Informed Yoga
  • Various Types of Trauma
  • Numerous Types of Therapeutics, including Dance, Art, Equine, Somatic, Nidra and more.
  • Classroom/Client Resources Provided
  • Learn Fragmentation of a De-Fragmented and Disassociated brain and body.
  • Supplemental Videos from David Emerson and Dr. Van Der Kolk included.
  • Learn to be made whole; Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul.

This Module will be deducted from the total should you choose to join a TSYF Immersion.

Purchasing this Module does not reserve your space at a TSYF Immersion, you must reserve your space, or purchase the immersion which includes M1 and M2 TSYF Modules.

Completion of the distant certification only is a Trauma Informed YogaFaith Instructor: