World Religions: A Meeting of Ancient Pathways, The Intersection of Christianity, Yoga and Spiritual Disciplines


This course provides a safe place for people of all backgrounds, religions, or those of no religion to explore ancient practices and how various worldviews affect the practice and understanding of yoga and other spiritual disciplines. Students will explore the evolution of yoga from various worldviews and religions, with a focus on Christianity and its diverse denominations. This course also introduces main ideas, beliefs, practices, and historical developments of eastern and western religions, philosophies, and various traditions in religions, including Hinduism, Jainism, various forms of Buddhism, Taoism, Japanese traditions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and includes Atheism, non-theism, Agnostic and New Age philosophies.

Additional Information

This course examines various lineages and styles of yoga from an Eastern and Western perspective, as well as numerous gurus, disciples, yogis, saints, Christ, and other key persons in the roots of yoga, world religions and spiritual disciplines.

  • Certification: YogaFaith Certified in World Religions
  • Hours: 80 hours


This course is a prerequisite for YogaFaith Yoga Therapy IAYT Program

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